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The best I could do for a relevant "fantasy camp" pic from Google Images: The Simpsons' rock fantasy camp episode

As previously announced this week, I'm attempting a little experiment on Friday where I pretend I'm a full-time blogger and do nothing but post on Mondesi's House when I would normally be working. And for those of you who read this site when you should be working, this might be just the act that ends up getting you fired. And that's not all bad, because at least you'd have a month of summer left.
I'm going to need lots of tips and links to fill an entire day (it's not exactly been a very good news cycle of late), so send them to and feel free to share some suggestions for the big event.


Burgher Jon said...

Thoughts on possible fantasy camp topics:

1. Who do you think the next PSU coach should be? will be? when? Did you see the article on schiano and 2010?

2. What do you think about Pitt being rankes the 44th most prestigious basketball program? Do you think Pitt has ANYTHING to be proud of?

3. What's the Steelers' record going to be?

4. A profile of Stanley Drunkenmiller.

5. Analysis of what you think the bucs starting lineup might look like the next several years.

RedHawks Hockey said...

The human torch was denied a bank loan.