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We can all stop holding our breath: the 2008-09 Penguins schedule has been released. And since there was no two-hour ESPN special for Schedule Release Day like the NFL gets, you'll just have to settle for a link to Colin Dunlap's article for all of the highlights and notable games.
Just make sure to circle February 8 on your calendar, for that's the night that one Marian Hossa returns to Mellon Arena. I'm looking forward to a level of hospitality from Pittsburghers reserved only for superstars such as Barry Bonds and Jaromir Jagr on that evening.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

"Hossa's a dick"

-hotdog.zanzabar 2008

RedHawks Hockey said...

fuck hossa. shit eater. mother fucker ass hole donkey raper. dick.

bestonline323 said...

Marian Hossa. Although Ray Shero didn't come out an exactly say it...I agree...let's worry about players who want to be here. I've never been one to root for injury, but I have to admit...I think it would be pretty funny if Hossa blew a knee next year, missed out on another cup, as well as a huge pay-day due to said injury. My 2nd favorite team will now be whoever plays the Red Wings. Although the schedule hasn't been released yet, if Detroit were to come to the Burgh next year, that's one game I will not miss. Boo this man.

With Crosby, Malkin, Fleury (2nd best G in the world behind Buffon), Whits, Orpik, and soon-to-be Staal locked up for the next 5-6 years...I think we'll be more than OK. Besides, after my assistant GM (Dan Yost) and I sat down last night to crunch the numbers, signing Hossa to $7 million a year would've been the WRONG thing to do. ew Hossa. After the Feds / Satan pick-ups, we're only $2.9 million away from the cap. Pay attention...

Here's my forward lines for next year...

Dupuis / Crosby / Satan
Staal / Malkin / Sykora
Fedotenko / Talbot / Kennedy
???? / ???? / Godard

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