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--The local news of the day is Don Barden surrendering 75% of the new North Shore Casino to billionaire Neil Bluhm. Not even the name (Majestic Star) will remain.
Yeah, Don Barden turned out to be a great choice by our state. Good to see that all that time and effort was well worth it.
--Who's up for a Wall Street Journal opinion piece called "Pittsburgh Stealers"? Me, me!

--Yesterday we had the Pirates Movie. Here's TMZ's version of the Muppets as Hollywood actors.

--Raise the Jolly Roger takes last week's reader suggestion a step further and investigates the growing legend of Pirates 1B Doug Mientkiewicz. I'm telling you, this is a powderkeg ready to explode.
--Gas-Pump Santa Claus' run has come to an end. He ended up stealing $44,000 in gas.

--ESPN 1250's Top Fan contest is down to the Final 10. It's like American Idol in our own backyard.

--This guy is really angry with ESPN: The Magazine. I mean really angry.

--A-Rod, Madonna, video clips, and an amazing coincidence. You have to watch this.

--Tired of boring sunflower seeds? Check out Zotes, a new line featuring flavors like Salt & Pepper, Roasted & Salted, Dill Pickle, Beer Baked, Hot Wings, Spicy Nacho, Tequila Lime, Jalapeno, Garlic Roast, and Energy.

--The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes were on the scene at a Captain Morgan's Pose-Off.

--Apparently NBA refs like to discuss the games they fix...

...Soccer refs on the other hand just get loaded before getting on the field… and yes, there is video

-- Forbes ranks the greatest sports teams of all time. The 1978 Steelers come in a respectable #3. The 1985 Drug Trials Pirates did not make the cut.
--And a list of 7 stupid stadium names.

--I seem to have a weakness for theses Sesame Street YouTube parodies. I've posted them many times in the past. Here's the latest: Bert and Ernie try their hand at rapping with "Ante Up".


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Ernie: Ante Up!

Bert: Kidnap that fool

Anonymous said...

As a hater of all things ESPN, here's the response I posted on as to why ESPN the Magazine operates as it does:

Here's why they continue to produce the thing, some of you receive two copies, and they sell annual subscriptions for dirt cheap rates...


Media agencies like to place one ad buy that goes across multiple platforms (TV, online, radio, print), and that, in a nutshell, is the ESPN business model.

Without "THE MAG" (aka "THE RAG"), they have no print component, thereby sacrificing ad dollars.

The reason you get two copies of the mag is so they can claim a higher number of subscribers and, in turn, higher distribution.

They don't care if you don't pay for it. They just need to keep you in their subscriber database so they can sell their audience.

Hating ESPN since 2002,

Cecil from Cecil Twp.