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--Bob Smizik is reporting that Mark Madden is going to join WXDX 105.9 FM, a Clear Channel station and current employer of Tim Benz.
But how about the rumor that Jerome Bettis may be in negotiations to replace Madden's drive-time slot? Does anyone else see the irony here?
--On the topic of Double M, here's a link someone sent to Mark's new wrestling column on
--As the Steelers' ownership struggle continues, Bob Smizik brings up an AJR letter printed in Ruanaidh to drive home a point about the Chief's probable disapproval with how this has played out.
--William Rhoden of the New York Times compared the Rooney family to Michael Vick during an appearance on ESPN's The Sports Reporters, because of the Rooneys' involvement in dog racing. Sure you want to go down that route, Bill?
--Kordell Stewart is spotted partying at LAX nightclub at the Luxor in Vegas. Anyone care?

--Oaks Christian High in LA features a star-studded stable of player fathers, including Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, and Will Smith. Shown below: Nick Montana, Trevor Gretzky, and Trey Smith.

--How bad does Baltimore hate the Steelers? The Baltimore Sun tries to figure it out. Don't worry, the feeling's mutual.

--ESPN 1250's Chris Mack started a blog called "Chris Mack Smells Like Cheese".

--Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. "Borat"), duped an Arkansas crowd into watching gay wrestling for his new movie, Bruno. Predictably, the crowd turned ugly.

--Is this the end of Cheap Sexson Mondays in Seattle? Home Run Derby investigates.

--Any table hockey players out there? There's a recruiting effort going on by the OVTHL (Ohio Valley Table Hockey League), so contact Eric at

--Billy Packer is reportedly out at CBS. Never before has the word "curmudgeon" applied to a human being more appropriately.

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Chip said...

Holy shit, it's true.

Attractive women really are less threatened by homosexuals.

Real McCoy said...


Dameshek Denholm and Long
Host(s): Dameshek Denholm and Long
Time: Weekdays 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
E-mail Show

I thought Dave Dameshek could use a new "curmudgeon", but it looks like he no longer has his own show, but is not part of a law firm with parnters Denholm and Long.

Anonymous said...

check out his partners pictures on the shows website. they look like they should be in the kordell photos.

Anonymous said...

Anything written or said by a write affiliated with the New York Times is to be immediately discredited.

Just ask Jason Blair.

Wow - Double M is on something called I can't say I'm shocked.