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--Game Six is tonight and hopefully decided in 60 minutes (or less) with another memorable/important Penguins victory. Tickets are ranging from $300 to nearly $3000. The mere thought of paying so much for a ticket has Sergei Gonchar grimacing in pain for Penguin fans.

--The Steelers were practicing indoors yesterday. The question is whether they were practicing for football or an MMA fight, because several skirmishes broke out, including Willie Colon vs. Lawrence Timmons and Arnold Harrison vs. Trai Essex.

--To the legions of Mike Lange fans (including myself), here is your chance to be heard.
--The longer the Penguins season goes on means a shorter gap between hockey and football season. So for those of you who still remember that we have a Major League Baseball team, the Pirates are 27-31 and in the NL Central basement following a 2-0 loss to Houston last night.

--This just in: the Washington Wild Things will be hosting a softball game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Saturday at 7:05 PM at CONSOL Energy Park in Washington, PA. Tickets start at $7.00 and there will be a free autograph session after the game.

Of course, I just realized that there will in all probability be a certain Game Seven starting about an hour later that night, but that will rest on some heroics tonight.
--Here's a great article from TSN entitled, "10 Things You Didn't Know About Sidney Crosby."
With all of the hype Sid's received since he was a pee-wee, I'm surprised they could come up with that many things we didn't know.

--Look, Red Wings coach Mike Babcock can question the refs too! Did he attend the recent Michel Therrien Coaching Clinic?
--Hockey fans have a new enemy: Tiger Woods.

--Former Steeler RB Noah Herron recently welcomed a group of burglars by unscrewing a bedpost and beating them with it. That wasn't very friendly.

--After his arrest for illegal possesion of oxy, Patriot Nick Kaczur went undercover and wore a wire to bust a drug dealer. And the Patriots' pristine image of a few years ago takes yet another body blow.

--Our friends at Ripe TV are proud to unveil their new game show. Enter and win!

--It's Beano Cook's turn at Deadspin's Media Approval Ratings.

--Bob Ryan takes his swings at one Bill Simmons. It's the Boston version of Smizik-Madden.

--Rabbit Hash, Kentucky Mayor Junior Cochran just passed away. It's worth noting that Cochran was 12 years old and was a dog.

--Detroit Sucks!

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

--The voices behind The Simpsons got a new four-year deal worth about $400,000 per episode. Aye carumba!


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Billy Bearcat said...

In reference to the Nick Kaczur story how could you miss the obvious joke. Did he have a video camera in his ball cap stealing the drug dealers gang signs?

wvblueblackandgold said...

Mike Lange is to the Penguins as Jack Fleming was to the Steelers and WVU. I think Steigy truly tries, but canning Lange was as atrocious as the handling of Prince.

However, I think Errey does a good job, and, I think NHL network's postgame has been much better than FSN's. Caufield, a former goon, who scored like 5 goals in his career, offers no insight that is credible or makes any sense.