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OK, he's not a hacker. He's actually pretty good. But Rocco Mediate (given name: Greensburg's Rocco Mediate) has the tall task of a one-on-one for all the marbles against none other than Tiger Woods at the 2008 U.S. Open.
After eight holes so far today, Roc found himself down one stroke; not too bad for a 45-year-old who has never won a major (his highest finish was 6th at the PGA Championship in 2002).
For those of you who spent Father's Day on Mars or some other distant planet, Mediate had the unfortunate luck of watching along with the rest of America as Woods sank this putt to close out the day's action:

As one would imagine, this has become quite the big story around Pittsburgh. Mediate's whirlwind experience has been arguably the best thing to come out of the city of Greensburg since Westmoreland Mall opened its doors in 1977.

Can David slay Goliath this afternoon? That remains to be seen, but whatever the outcome, it will be the defining event of Mediate's career since he turned pro in 1985.

Follow the action:
Rocco Mediate [Wikipedia]


Mosh Pitt said...

For a second, I though the headline said "Local Hack Battling Woods," My initial reaction was: What's Bob Smizik's beef with Tiger?

Unknown said...

A match for the ages. Truly one of the most compelling events I've ever seen played in any sport.

Everyone already knew how great Tiger was, but Rocco? What grit, what determination...what a competitor...what a gentleman! Have you ever seen a person more gracious in what had to be a very crushing defeat. What a true champion he is!!!

Anonymous said...

mosh pitt - well done!

What's with Rocco claiming Naples as his hometahn when everyone knows he's from Greensburg. Who does he thing he is....Michael Moorer?

godohoky said...

Mosh u r my hero.

Why is golf on tv? I watched both sunday and monday for the most part and I have been told a million times how exciting and amazing it was. To me it was about as exciting as watching the View.

Let the backlash begin!