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You have to give it up to Wholey's Fish Market in the Strip for the brilliant idea to decline the sale of octopi to any Detroit Red Wings fans in town next week. As expected, the press has jumped all over it, which ensures Wholey's mucho free publicity in the coming days.

Dan Wholey, owner of Wholey’s Fish Market in Pittsburgh’s warehouse section known as the Strip District, said he’ll decline the sale of octopus to anyone in Red Wings gear next week. He’ll also listen for Midwestern accents and maybe check identification.
The best part of this story, as is the case with most stories these days, is the comments section, where some Detroit fans have completely missed the joke.
From SDWingnut: Wow! I don't believe this crap. I'm originally from the Pittburgh metro area and I never heard of that kind of "fan loyalty" to me. I'm still an avid Steelers fan but I'm also an avid Wings fan. Sounds like the guy is bucking for some kind of discrimination complaint. Checking for Wings jerseys, accents, and IDs, sounds like good old fashioned racism to me.
And then there's Hatrickrick's little nugget of brilliance: I doubt if the fish market owner is a Pen fan. He is nuts enough to belong to PETA and probably believes the ice will cause discomfort to an octopus.
Racism, PETA...I just LOVE when people miss the joke.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Wayne Fontes and Matt Millen have sapped Detroiters of all their personality.

Anonymous said...

Racism? Huh? Since when do the people in Detroit make up an entire race? I guess all anti-Steeler sentiment is racism.