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Last year, a series of TV spots for the Pirates identified some local die-hards telling their stories of why they love the Pirates so. Some of these were on the boring side, but then we were introduced to one Ronnie Florian. The rest, as they say, was history. My recap from last year:

At long last, my Holy Grail has been delivered. I present to you the much-anticipated, much-hyped, RONNIE FLORIAN, Pirate Fan [video]. The accent, the mustache, the Pirates's the perfect storm of everything that Pittsburgh is all about. The only way they make this more Pittsburgh is if he would be wearing a Steelers sweatshirt and was holding an Iron City in the Heinz Field parking lot. But this is a Pirate ad, so I'm sure they made him change outfits before they started taping.

He became an internet phenomenon, easily the biggest non-celebrity in Mondesi's House history next to the famous GwenJen.
Readers were tracking him down at Pirate games, and he graciously posed for pictures, beer in hand. What we thought might be a fictional character made up by the Pirates' PR department was all too real. It was like getting a picture of Bigfoot. Readers even found him at the Pirates-Yankees series in New York.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago (May 12, to be exact). I got an interesting email from a longtime reader. This was shortly after that huge local story about the wedding night brawl in Pittsburgh that left groom/dentist David Wielechowski looking like this:

So the email drops what I would call a bombshell on me:

Anyways, my dad heard a rumor that the person who tried to help that married couple who fought each other on mcknight road... was RON FLORIAN HIMSELF....tell me that wouldnt be the craziest bit of news you heard in months if its true...

While I certainly believed it could be possible, I decided to wait and see if I could find out more details. You know I'm not big on rumor-mongering. And today, the emails started coming in, from the PG and the Trib. An excerpt:

"I got him in a headlock and I was lumping him and lumping him," the elder Florian said, demonstrating the headlock and his punches to the dentist's head while glaring at Dr. Wielechowski across a courtroom table that separated them.

So what was the most bizarre story of the year in Pittsburgh now gets a million times crazier. Ronnie Florian, I never thought you could get any cooler, but somehow you've managed to pull it off.


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Unknown said...

What a hero.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Florian gains some man points for this one (other than beating this moron senseless) for the fact that he lives in Pittsburgh and got a hotel room in Pittsburgh for a wedding. I'm guessing he had a couple dozen Ahrns at the reception.

Paul Rhoads' Pogo Ball said...

"You go to that Hawliday Inn aht dere and see the way 'at bride is aht dere fightin' the way dere tryin' know, it's special. "

Reggie Dunlop said...

give us more of this story today, please! maybe you can get an interview with RF. hopefully law & order writers are following this story and will base an episode on it.

Unknown said...

I can't get over the quote in the PG about RF saying he was "lumping him and lumping him." My God, if that isn't classic Pittsburgh jargon, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to think you for giving my friends more to use against him. SO THANKS!... asshat.

RealPittsburgh22 said...

It's pretty sad that you are honoring this JAGOFF for being what you think is a great Pittsburgh fan. Too bad he's a stupid asshole that likes to beat up on people and say he was HELPING, what a joke!!!! That's a coward not a coool guy. I hope you get your paybacks in court you little bitch. Glad you can live with yourself slime!!!

Anonymous said...

What's sad is that he is not telling the truth but yet people are listening cuz he is a "real PGH fan" and yet still people wont leave this story alone and let my friend go on with her life...umm hello there's a frickin war going on in Iraq, and were dying out here everyday, and yet all this dude can think of to talk about is how hes "lumping and lumping" an innocent couple trying to joke around end enjoy thier night. ITS BULLSHIT and anyone who chooses to believe this ridiculous
story he says, then you may be just as bad as him.