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There's breaking news on the Steelers' 2008 1st-round draft pick, as it appears Rashard Mendenhall was robbed at gunpoint early this morning at Chicago's South Side lakefront:

Mendenhall, 20, was walking along the lake near 39th Street at 2 a.m. with another person when two people robbed him of his phone, cash and wallet, sources familiar with the investigation said.

Luckily, Mendenhall was not hurt. But it hasn't been a very good week for old Rashard. At the recent Steeler minicamp, he came down with a hamstring injury which caused him to miss both practices on Saturday and the final practice on Sunday. He's expected to return at full strength when the Steelers resume in two weeks. I hope he brings some better luck in his suitcase.

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Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh's South Side is a lot more friendly than Chicago's South Side, Rashard.

Especially at 2am.

At Primanti's.