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Ed Rendell, long a fan of hockey (especially in Pittsburgh), recently floated the idea of a Penguins-Flyers outdoor hockey game to be played at Penn State's Beaver Stadium.

Rendell told Comcast SportsNet yesterday that it would be a great way to preserve the rivalry that exists between the two franchises, which both entered the league in 1967. He also pitched it as a game that would disperse some of the proceeds to the United Way in both cities.

First impressions? Sure, I'd welcome the opportunity to embarrass the Flyers in an open-air environment. Maybe the fresh air will encourage Daniel Briere to actually show up for a game, as I believe he's still on the team (but I'm not 100% sure - maybe someone could confirm that for me).

Penn State SID Jeff Nelson thought the idea of a New Year's Day matchup wouldn't fly for the simple reason that The House That Morelli Built would already be a month into its offseason hibernation:

"If somebody wanted to approach us with that idea, something like the end of the football season would really be the only possibility, like late November or early December," Nelson told the Daily News at the time. "The stadium would still be up and running [at that point]."

So that's something to look forward to. The Flyers aren't even done losing this series yet and the Governor is planning a large-scale rematch. If you haven't figured it out yet, Flyer fans, take note: anytime, anywhere.

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Reggie Dunlop said...

hey question -- if you listen to radio feed on 105.9, does it synch up with versus? i can't listen to these versus dudes anymore

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that any potential agreement would need to ensure that Penn State gets at least one more home game than either the Pens or Flyers.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Good point Cecil. I'm sure Joe Christ will find a way to screw over Pittsburgh out of this potential agreement.