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There's a plethora of news today on the Leader of the Wideouts from multiple locations around the globe.

We start in Pittsburgh, where the contents of Hines Ward's Locker Room restaurant will be headed to auction on May 23. According to the PG, "The property to be sold includes the building at 1825 E. Carson St., furniture, equipment, fixtures, food, beverages, the liquor license and name." Sorry Yinzers, that means no more 86 cent Tuesdays.

But it's not all bad news for Hines. He's been on an offseason tour of Korea, doing some charity events and appearing on variety shows.

--Here's Hines on TV at a Korean charity event, nearly getting fireworks blown in his face.

--Hines, shown below with Lee Honey and Super Junior, appeared on SBS Hope TV 24: We Are One Family to raise funds for the education of multi-racial children in Korea.

--He also made a a cameo appearance in the SBS drama "On Air" with another half-Korean actor, Ricky Kim. To answer your inevitable question, no, this will not be re-broadcast on KDKA.

And thus continues Your Steelers Offseason: banging on the glass at the Penguin game, getting robbed at gunpoint, guest shots on Korean TV, basketball games, and commencement speeches. If nothing else, they're certainly well-rounded.


Brian said...

Haha, just wanted to let you know that Super Junior isn't in that picture. Super Junior is the name of a South Korean boy band with 13, yes 13, members. The guy on stage is an MC.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see Hines on "Ninja Warrior."