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--Have to lead with this sent in (which was only available cached, for some reason) from a very loyal reader who's given many a valuable tip in his day:

For the second-straight day Wednesday, rocker Jon Bon Jovi was on hand at Madison Square Garden to watch the Penguins practice.

A Manhattan resident and huge sports fan, Bon Jovi is co-owner of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul.

So Bon Jovi, Mr. New Jersey, is a closet Pens fan? This is big news! I doubt that's going to sit well with Devils fans.

--The new fashion trend among Penguins is walking boots, as Max Talbot and Rob Scuderi were both seen wearing them yesterday. Both will be game-time decisions tonight. Gary Roberts and Daryl Sydor are ready, willing, and able to replace them.

--Large Ben says he had no influence on the Steelers' draft picks...other than his request for a tall receiver a few months ago.

--In other Roethlisberger-related news, my favorite QB just dropped $100,000 on the city of Pittsburgh for the purchase of K-9 units, protective vests, and other equipment for the Pittsburgh Police Department.

--The Pens-Rangers Game Three matchup drew higher ratings than Dancing With The Stars, NCIS, American Idol, and Law & Order SVU, proving once again that Sidney Crosby > Simon Cowell.

--Pens players wish Sean Avery nothing but the best, because the Penguins are classy guys.

--Mike Prisuta says the Pens are beaking at the right time. That's right, he said beaking.

--Ian Snell is not feeling it this year - and it shows.

--Good news! The PLCB wants to set up a statewide network of 100 satellite wine kiosks. If there's one thing our state needs, it's easier access to alcohol.

--Roger Clemens is now being linked to Paula Dean Daly, AKA the former wife of John Daly. The hits just keep on comin' for the Rocket.

--Tyler Hansbrough finally took the advice of Duke fans and jumped off a roof.

--In today's New York Times: Pittsburgh surpasses Los Angeles as nation's sootiest city. AND we have an NFL team! Take that, LA!

--Is Mariah Carey really engaged to Nick Cannon?

--Exxon just announced earnings of $10.89 billion for the first quarter of 2007.

--Ashlee Simpson's new album sales were so low, they were beaten by a comedy album.

--Gas prices are so high, they're even affecting NASCAR ticket sales.

--Christina Applegate truly is one of People's 100 Most Beautiful People.


Koz said...

So the state where you can't buy alcohol in a grocery store (like the rest of the civilized world) is going to jump into buying wine from vending machines?

Someone explain that to me.

Unknown said...

what is up with Ben? now saying that having back ups to those positions are good..RB and WR...but he already has guys in those positions. Well duh, we already knew about the request you made months ago? What a leader! He needs to keep his mouth shut more often.