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--Papa Bad Golf gets his own Deadspin post. Yes, it was a proud day for the family.

--The Big Lead has a lengthy post on Mark Madden that I'm guessing he'll dislike. The new Smizik article is prominently featured.

--The quest for the World's Biggest Pirate Fan looks like a three-horse race right now. Still a few days to vote!

--Pierogis N'At has a rather large collection of Penguin links. Contrary to rumors, they're not looking to sell this can read them for free.

--Deadspin's Eastern Conference Preview picks the Penguins in 9. I agree...this series is going at least seven games.

--Here's the most disturbing photo of Pete Rose EVER.

--Boat pictures from the infamous Cedric Benson boat incident. Not a good offseason for NFL players named Cedric(k).

--Speaking of NFL players and incidents, Chris Henry says he's a good guy!

--The Kentucky Wildcats offered a hoops scholarship to an 8th grader. If only Terrelle Pryor could've made up his mind in 8th grade...

--Nyjer Morgan is sent to Indianapolis as the Pirates make room for newly-acquired OF Jason Michaels, who was hitting .207 with Cleveland. Something tells me he'll fit right in.

--Is Kimbo Slice really the worst thing to happen to MMA?


Anonymous said...

I was the one who sent Smizik's article (re: Madden) to TBL. Amazing how many other people can't stand the guy...and yet he still gets ratings.

It's an embarassment to Pittsburgh.

thielcats said...

I'm sorry but I am sick of all the negative posts on this site about the Pirates. What ever happened to fan loyalty? The Pirates are part of Pittsburgh to just like the Steelers and Penguins. What happens if the Steelers suck this year? You going to dump all over them to? I know being a Pirates fan is fustrating, but we still most support our teams, win or lose.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I picked up a copy of tbt* yesterday and they mentioned your dad in an article about TPC in it Mondesi.

*Tampa Bay Times, it's the local free paper down here that's put out by the St. Pete Times.

mondesishouse said...

If I didn't care about the Pirates, I wouldn't mention them at all. Apathy is worse than negativity for a fan, because that means they've completely lost interest/given up on the team.

There's no MLB team I'd rather see succeed than the Buccos. I grew up idolizing Barry, Bobby Bo, and AVS. But I have to call them as I see them, and I once again see them fighting to stay out of the basement.

Despite all that, there's a major feature that's run for the last month on the site highlighting some of the great Pirate fans and their stories. I would hardly call that negative.

And FYI, I constantly call out the Steelers when necessary. Check back before, during, or after football season.

mondesishouse said...

LLIMH: Thanks for the heads up. Yahoo, The Big Lead, and Sports by Brooks all mentioned it in the last day or so, and there's going to be another story in Golf Digest magazine. It refuses to die!

okel dokel said...


chill out. This is a comedy site and all Pittsburgh teams receive a healthy dose of "tongue in cheek" criticism.

The Pirates craptasticness has been chronicled on other websites and Raul is merely pointing to those posts.

Trust me he has called out the Steelers on several occasions.

DarkHelmet said...

In all honesty, I think the Michaels deal is the best the Pirates have made in a long time. He may be hitting .207 in limited at bats this year (he's a career .280 hitter), but as a Phillies fan I can tell you he's a guy you want on your team. He's a good outfielder, a very good pinch hitter, and is perfect as a platoon guy. He's also awesome in the clutch and I promise he's going to give you a hell of a lot more for the money than all the other garbage the Pirates have collected over the years.