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Have you heard that the Flyers and Penguins don't like each other? How about the fact that the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia aren't exactly the best of friends? If not, you're in luck, because is leading with yet another story on the topic as we speak.

From ESPN's point of view, maybe this will become hockey's version of Yankees-Red Sox? We could then look forward to a Flyer fan burying a Briere jersey in the bowels of the Penguins' new arena, Flyers fans running over Penguin fans with their automobiles, and Dave Molinari turning into the Pittsburgh version of Peter Gammons, all chronicled by the WWL on every form of media possible. OK, maybe such ESPN influence might be a bad idea.

But it's been a long time since ANY hockey series has been as hyped as this one. I feel like this has been a week leading up to the Super Bowl. Fortunately (and unlike the Super Bowl), this series won't be over in a few hours, which adds to the intrigue.
People seem to be in the mood to comment on here this week, so let's get some predictions. Who's winning, how many games will it take, and what Penguin (outside of Crosby, Malkin, or Fleury) will make the biggest impact?
I'll start it off: Pens in six, and a coin flip between Hal Gill's physical presence and Sergei Gonchar's quarterbacking of the power play for the darkhorse impact player.


Justin said...

Pens in six. I'm going to guess that Jarkko Ruutu is going to get under someone's skin successfully (probably Hartnell) to draw penalties instead of taking them.

Reggie Dunlop said...

i like how he said it's going to be 'gangs of new york' on ice. bill the butcher as ... hal 'gill the butcher'?

pens in five. they'll miss kimmo

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Pens in five. They'll score at least 20 goals in those five games as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Yinzer transplant living in Center City Philly for the past 3 years. I disliked Philly sports teams before moving here and have grown to HATE them with a passion now. Easily the most ignorant/unknowledgalbe sports fans in America.

The Philly "faithful" are already stating to make excuses for the series before the puck even drops in Game #1. Their standard/tired complaint of Sids diving and the NHL wanting to see the Pens in the Cup Finals has been joined by the moaning about Kimmo's injury. Every Philly sports fan's sentence starts with, "Yeah, but if.....".

I like the Pens to take the first two this weekend and split in Philthy next week. They'll wrap it up in front of the home fans in Game 5.

As for the biggest impact, I like Hossa to continue his assult from Game 5. I know this isn't a stretch, but I think the stars will show up and the role players will continue to do what they've done all season.

I'll be adding some strong Black/Gold representation out here, sitting four rows from the glass on the red line for Game 3 on Tuesday. Now trying to lock down tickets for Game 4 on Thursday.

Go Pens!