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Here's what's happening in the world other than Koz stirring everyone up with his claim that Pavel Bure was the greatest pure goal scorer of our lifetime.

--Big win in PA for Hill-Rod (her name, not mine) yesterday.

--ESPN is having a live fake draft today. You'll have to tell me how it goes.
--Even though the Pirates were being one-hit by Ricky Nolasco (who?) through five innings, they got back on the winning side with a 3-2 win over Florida.
--Nate McLouth's hit streak finally ended at 19 games with an 0-for-2, two walk performance. Luckily, three of the Pirates' nine starters (not counting the pitcher, which would've made FOUR) had batting averages of .194 or lower going into the game, so the slack was easily picked up. Or not. They were a combined 0-for-9.
--Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez visited with the Steelers and Mike Tomlin earlier on Tuesday. Mel Kiper has him projected as a late-round pick at best.
--In addition to their MLB-worst pitching and fielding, the Pirates are now last in the league in attendance too. All we need now is to drop a few spots in the batting category and we'll have the quadruple crown of failure.
--Here's video of a sad, sad Capital fan pelting Flyer Jeff Carter in the head with a bottle last night. I'd feel bad for Carter, but he is a Flyer.
--The Ottawa Senators refuse to panic despite trailing four-games-to-none.
--The Sporting News says Pitt will be nasty in 2008. I agree.
--What links draftee-to-be Chris Long and Jared "Subway" Fogel? I don't even want to imagine.
--Hooray! The NFL finally has an agreement in place with Matt Walsh!
--Gary Roberts might not play on Friday.
--The Steelers are looking at backfield depth in this year's draft.
--Highly-touted Luca Caputi was signed to a three-year entry level contract by the Penguins.
--Penn State RB Austin Scott (whose charges were dropped last Friday) is hoping to get drafted this weekend.
--What's a mouthy Chad Johnson worth?
--Joe Frazier's fight-worn robe from the Thrilla in Manila is up for auction.
--Your Spelling Bee broadcast update: Mike and Mike are out, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews are in.
--Huey Richardson was ranked by ESPN as #15 on the list of biggest busts ever. 1989 #1 pick Tim "Taser" Worley checks in at #25. Penn State was represented by #20 Curtis Enis (Bears, 1998), #22 Blair Thomas (Jets, 1990), #24 Tony Sacca (Cardinals, 1992), #29 Todd Blackledge (Chiefs, 1983), and #32 Andre Johnson (Redskins, 1996). West Virginia's Reggie Rembert was ranked #41 (Bengals, 1990).
--In the list of Top 50 draft steals: L.C. Greenwood, 8th; John Stallworth, 16th; Mike Webster, 22nd; Hardy Nickerson, 27th; Hines Ward, 33rd; and Greg Lloyd, 37th.
--I erroneously identified a referee in last week's Steeler basketball game as local wrestler Bill "Powerhouse" Hughes, when his name was actually Mark Mizerak. My apologies.
Just to further clarify who Powerhouse Hughes is, you can visit the CWF website and meet Bill and the rest of the CWF Superstars. Their next event will be at The Brownson House in Washington, PA on Saturday, May 10th.


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