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--William H. was the winner of last week's link contest. He gets a copy of Kenny Mayne's new book for his efforts. This week's prize: an authentic autograph card from Pittsburgh Penguin BROOKS ORPIK!

--NO, I am not posting Deadspin's pictures of Santonio Holmes all nude, tastefully done (in the words of Kevin Garnett). But thanks for asking.

--Don't forget to vote today! Here's a quick link to find your polling place.

--Did you catch Lt. Governor Catherine Baker-Knoll's intercepted-microphone trick and subsequent attack on Dan Onorato and Luke Ravenstahl at a Clinton rally? If you did, no sweat: there's video.
--Happy Earth Day. Is it still relevant?
--The Pirates dropped their sixth in a row, a 10-4 loss to Florida. Matt Morris was lit up for eight runs in four innings, Adam LaRoche was 0-for-4, and Nate McLouth had another hit. So it was pretty much the same as every other Pirate game this year.
--Reader Art sends over a photo of Matt Morris' Pirate career. Dead-on. It's been so bad that we're already hearing the "why don't you buy him out" idea floated.

--DJ Gallo shows that Pittsburgh is so good, they donate champions.
--Pittsburgh is growing on Marian Hossa, but someone has to shut up Ronald Petrovicky. You'll just have to read the article.
--Joe Starkey suggests that JoePa should move to the booth. Now that's a good idea.

--I've seen many an autograph in my day, and Lawrence Timmons may have the worst (and laziest) of all time.
--I loved how the Blue Jays brass discussed Frank Thomas' recent release: "He handled it with class, and I appreciate that," said GM J.P. Ricciardi.
Funny, when you consider Thomas' quotes: "Sixty at-bats isn't enough to make that decision. I'm angry, I know I can help this team. My career isn't going to end like this." Plus the little note that Thomas did not shake hands with teammates following a 3-2 win over Detroit on Saturday.
If that's not classy, I don't know what is.
--The Canadiens eliminated the Bruins in a Game 7 last night, so Bill Simmons can jump back off the bandwagon.

--Mel Kiper vows to quit if Matt Ryan drops below #8. Please, NFL GMs, make this happen.

--Could Billy Packer be gone as well?

--Here's a middle finger for Hank Steinbrenner.

--The Pirates' change in atmosphere explained pictorally.

--It's David Beckham's week - in two photos.

--A fistfight erupted at the site of Jesus' tomb on Orthodox Palm Sunday.

--Bad news: pump prices hit a new high and are headed higher.

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Anonymous said...

Pens over the Rangers in 6. The taunting of the Ranger fans has already begun.