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--The Dodgers blew out the Pirates 8-1 last night, which means they've outscored the Pirates 19-3 in the past two games. In other words, here we go again.

--Aaron Gray's line in last night's Bulls-Raptors game: 35 minutes, 22 rebounds, 19 points.

--Nate McLouth is on pace for 162 RBI, and ESPN proclaims he's "more real than not". Glad we cleared that up.
--In more Nate McLouth news, here's a whole article on McLouth from SI's John Donovan.

--Big Ben jokes around with Mike Tirico and Michelle Tafoya, and BAM! We've got a full-blown imagined controversy.

--Nate Washington just got paid, to the tune of $1.4 million dollars. I'm convinced that this guy must be absolutely, positively BREATHTAKING in practice.
--The Steelers' 2008 Draft Entertainment Tour saw South Florida CB Mike Jenkins and Coastal Carolina WR Jerome Simpson visit the Steel City. I think there's about five more eligible players left, and then the Steelers will have met with every single potential draftee.
--Pitt spring practice is nearing an end, and while everyone is preoccupied with getting to the bottom of the Murdock/Pinkston story, don't forget that the Blue-Gold Game is coming up on Saturday at 6. It will also be aired on the NFL Network and Pittsburgh's CW, featuring Bob Pompeani with color by the Wannstache himself. Now THAT'S must-see TV.
--A Florida football recruit leaned in for a picture with Tim Tebow's Heisman and knocked over and destroyed Florida's 2006 BCS Championship Waterford Crystal trophy, valued at $35,000. Whoops.
--Peabody's LaRoi Johnson is hoping for some good news in the upcoming draft.
--Steve McNair retired today, joining his body, which retired about four years ago.
--Scary news: the Homestead police station is haunted!

--Quote of the Day, as seen on The Big Lead, from Cousins of Ron Mexico: "Week 14:
The Cowboys visit the Steelers. Finally, the match up of overrated quarterbacks we’ve all been waiting for!"

Comeback of the Day, by The Big Lead commentor The412: "CRM - Roethlisberger went 15-1 his first year and followed that with a Super Bowl championship in year 2. Otherwise, he is over-rated."
Don't forget the 104.1 QB rating (second only to Tom Brady) and team record 32 TD passes.
--Is it safe to say that Nick Saban's press conferences usually end in an angry exchange?

--Harry Potter's Emma Watson turned 18, meaning she now has access to a previously-off-limits $20 million.

--Check out this live alligator chillin in the back window of a car, found during a traffic stop in Texas.

--Miguel Tejada just aged two years . First the Mitchell Report inclusion, now this. That move's looking better and better.

--The Yankees and Red Sox are going to auction off that stupid buried jersey for charity.

--Joe Simpson is reportedly asking $1 million for the photos of Ashlee Simpson's baby.
--Mets pitcher John Maine has some strange quotes about Jennifer Aniston.
--A babysitter plays a drinking game with a 12-year-old girl. What could go wrong?

--Here's the leaked alternate ending for Batman: Dark Knight
--Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks are coming to the Pete next Tuesday.




Sean said...

Aaron Gray also went 9 for 9 from the free throw line. Did he ever do that at Pitt?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Having a major sports trophy made of highly breakable crystal is a downright retarded idea anyways.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Gray, huh?

That must set the record for most points in a game while still carrying the jockstraps of Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert.

(still bitter.)

Unknown said...

thanks for the Aaron Grey stats.

Ben can do better than Jessica Simpson, come on!