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The News

--James Harrison's assault charge: DROPPED!
--Chris Henry: CUT!
--Mike Tomlin, take note: a 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers playbook is for sale on eBay.
--Also on eBay: autographed items from the Brian McNamee collection.

--Stuart Scott, Mr. Belding, and Charles Barkley walk into a bar...
--A Penn State basketball player is in some hot water for alleged library hijinks. Wait, Penn State has a basketball team?
--OK! Magazine chronicles Britney Spears magically losing weight by using a picture from five years ago.

--PNC Park's new restaurant is called the Hall of Fame Club. Ironically, the name is a "10".
--And here's a great ESPN interview with Chad "I'm a Diva, Get Me Out of Here" Johnson conducted by Brian Kenny.
--Any puckheads plan on watching the new drama, MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives?


Anonymous said...

Chris Henry to the Cowboys. I can already see it.

Anonymous said...

You just made my day by mentioning the new show on SoapNet... I've never watched a show on that channel in my life, however, The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives sounds too good to pass up!

apk said...

They should've named it "Flying Dutchman's" or "The Crow's Nest" or "the Max."

"Hall of Fame Club" is about as bland a name as I expected. Apparently they voted down "The Dugout" and "The Clubhouse Club"

Constant Gardener said...

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