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Lost in the real sports news happening in the city this weekend, the Pirates were giving away a bobblehead on Saturday night, continuing the trend of having a promotion for every game played on a night that ends in the letter "y". Unfortunately, this one slipped past quality control, as it prominently features Tom Gorzelanny's middle finger. There were a number of readers that sent this in, but credit for the first photo goes to Brad in East Liberty, who provided the shot you see above. Thank you, plastic Gorzo. Your silent statement speaks volumes about our displeasure.
Ironically, Saturday happened to be the final appearance of the Dave Littlefield-acquired Matt Morris, who left us with the lasting memory of 1 2/3 innings pitched, 6 hits, 6 runs, and a 2008 ERA of 9.67.
Morris (and Pirate fans) were finally put out of their misery with Morris' release on Sunday. For his contributions to Pirate lore, Morris will receive a shade over $10 million, which includes the remainder of his 2008 salary and his 2009 buyout. It also ensures his inclusion on countless internet lists about "The Worst Pirate Moves of All Time" well into the next millennium. He will be missed.

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Koz said...

Trading for Matt Morris was the official death date of my loyalty to the Pirates.

That said, he's a good person and had a nice career. It's sad for him to have it end so poorly.

This is NOT like Derek Bell's operation shut down or Raul Mondesi's scandal. Matt Morris was honestly trying, but his skills have left him and his career is over.

You can't fault him for taking the money either. That's why you negotiate guaranteed contracts. He earned that money, if only many years ago when he was actually pitching well. His resume allowed him to bargain for big money, just as a quality resume would help you or me in a salary negotiation.