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We're 18 games into the season, so let's get a look at where the 2008 Pittsburgh Pirates (those of the "changed culture" variety) stand:

Standings? 7-11, 1/2 game out of last place in the NL Central. Outscored 117-81.
Pitching? Their 5.26 ERA is last in the NL and next-to-last in the majors.
Fielding? Their 22 errors and .969 fielding percentage are the worst in the majors.
Batting? Their .243 average ranks 23rd, and their OBP of .309 puts them 24th.
Accountability? I think Bob Smizik summed it up quite nicely.
Adam LaRoche? Batting .137. 17 strikeouts, 7 hits.
Bautista? .175. 18 strikeouts, 11 hits.
Jason Bay? 5 RBI. 13 strikeouts, 16 hits.
Freddy Sanchez? .232.
Starting pitching? No one with an ERA below 4, including Gorzelanny at 9.35, Morris at 7.02, Maholm at 5.28.
Bullpen? Don't go there, brother.
Luis Rivas? Probably shouldn't play shortstop anymore.

OK, so the on-field product is not what some had anticipated. No surprise there, despite all the promises from management. But we can still look forward to Nate McLouth pinch-hitting in the 9th inning of the All-Star Game, the Tom Gorzelanny Bobblehead, Jalapeno Hanna Mrs. Potato Heads, the Lumber Company Bobblehead series, Matt Morris pitching batting practice to the other team during the game, REO Speedwagon, Collective Soul, booing A-Rod in person on a cool summer night, the new all-you-can-eat section, and eight nights of Zambelli fireworks. And that's a part of Pirate culture that will never change.


Koz said...

Good call. Exactly why I've given up on the organization.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'm actually surprised their record isn't worse than it is considering how poorly they've played in some games.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again - I won't root for the Buccos again until they attain loss #82 next season and capture the all-time MLB record for most consecutive losing season.

The rest is just waiting.