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Brett Favre Retires...I Think

I know I should be covering the Cardinals' Jerame Tuman signing today, but sometimes there are other events that take precedent. One such event would be the retirement of Packers QB Brett Favre after 17 seasons of gunslinging goodness.
Favre's agent, Bus Cook (no relation to Bus Bettis), says Favre felt like the Packers didn't want him, and Pro Football Talk muses that Favre may ultimately end up in Miami. Somewhere, Aaron Rodgers waits to see if this retirement is in fact authentic.
ESPN's DJ Gallo sought out the big names in football to get their thoughts on today's big news. Everyone from Terrelle Pryor to Cal Ripken pretends to check in. It's a must read.
Favre tells Packers he's retiring [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
Rumor Mill [Pro Football Talk]

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Anonymous said...

Trivia question:

Q: Who caught Brett Favre's last pass?

A: New York Giants CB Corey Webster