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Patriots' 19-0 Trademark Rendered Useless

Yeah, that 19-0 trademark application is going to have to wait.

In a series of events that I never thought I'd see, the Giants downed the Patriots, 17-14, in one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. Honestly, would you have believed these two facts if I told you before the season started:
--Eli Manning leads the Giants on a Super Bowl-winning TD drive, ultimately throwing the difference-maker to Plaxico Burress.
--Tom "Colonel" Coughlin rises from the dead once again and ends the season soaked in Gatorade.
No, I wouldn't have believed me either.
Some knee-jerk reaction and discussion points:
--Everyone's talking about the decision by Bill Belichick to go for it on 4th-and-13 from the Giants' 31 . But here's a good question: does he go for the 49-yard field goal if Adam Vinatieri's still on the roster? I say YES.
--Plaxico said the Giants would win, 23-17. Tom Brady thought 17 points was a bit light. Who's smarter now?
--If you didn't realize yet that the Dolphins were a horribly-run organization, did Wes Welker's 11-103 line remind you? I think it's pretty safe to say a 2nd and 7th round pick for the 112-catch receiver was a pretty lopsided trade.
--Cheerleader of the game: Peyton Manning. And in another location, Mercury Morris.
--How many Steeler fans will now pine for Brandon Jacobs?
--Prediction: David Tyree makes a TON of money for the rest of his life signing photos of "The Catch".
--Michael Strahan, Amani Toomer and Jeff Feagles finally get rings. And for Junior Seau, it's 0-2 in the Big Game.
--Anyone notice how many late pushes and shoves were delivered by Rodney HGHarrison?
--Speaking of ground games, the Pats' leading rusher, Bony Maroney, had just 36 yards.
--It's amazing how human Tom Brady looked when his line gets pushed around. Remember that the next time you want to dump your beer on Big Ben.
--Jordin Sparks looked very nervous before and after the anthem, but I think she did a pretty good job, no?

--And finally, did you enjoy Big Ben's American Idol commercial?

More coverage and discussion coming throughout the day. Please feel free to add your two cents.


Paul Rupp said...

"We're only going to score 17 points? OK... Is Plax playing defense? I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for scoring more points."
- Tom Brady

Just remember, Tom... "Well done is better than well said."

AJ said...

Jordin Sparks did a great job of lip syncing.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I'm still shocked.

Not just that the Patriots went down finally in the Super Bowl after going 18-0...

... but Eli Manning completely turns his career around, no not over the course of an offseason, but apparently over the course of the week between the Giants last regular season game and their first playoff game. They called this guy a bust, they wanted him out of New York, he led the league in interceptions. Now a month later he's Super Bowl MVP.

Did he Trent Dilfer/Brad Johnson his team to that win behind a stellar defense? Well maybe the defense kept them in it, but he made some insane plays when it mattered most and won that game.

Hey, I talked a ton of shit about Eli on this site for the past few weeks. I admit, I was wrong. He showed massive cojones.

Regardless of who they beat in the Super Bowl, I think that the sudden, inexplicable turnaround of Eli Manning's career in a months time is more shocking than the Patriots going down.

Throw in that Plaxico Burress, who usually played like shit in the playoffs for us, made the winning TD pass.

I still can't believe that whole thing just happened.

Real McCoy said...

Stan Savran says adversity does not build character, it reveals it.

Nothing new or surprising, but Rodney Harrison revealed his character a bit more last night late in the game. He also contributed with a missed tackle on the big pass to Boss.

Right behind Harrison is Dick Seymore who always seems to be innocently standing by an official with his arms up.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Harrison is a dirty player, plain and simple.


And yes AJ, I agree Sparks was lip synching. Petty on the other hand was belting it out live.


For the first time ever we can blame a big game loss on Brady, he didnt look like himself last night. And Todd Light got killed.

Congrats to the Giants, especially Eli, and the Giants D they both did a fantastic job.


Dukes Court predicted the Giants win btw.

okel dokel said...

A truly delightful game; I have never cheered so hard for a team I could care less about.

The look on Brady's face was quite Eli-like. Nice to see that smug d**che Belicheck walking off the field early. What a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

me thinks Terry Bradshaw rattled TB with the questions about his son and what maters most in Tom's world.
Maybe a Passive-aggressive, subliminal "you're not worthy of the Bradshaw/Montana club" message.

Nice job, Terry! Black and Gold Forever!

Koz said...

Bill Simmons said:

It's a dirty little secret, but Super Bowl crowds stink for the same reason that All-Star crowds stink -- more than half of the tickets get chewed up by sports executives, corporate sponsors, people working for the league or the advertising companies that support the league, celebrities and pseudo-celebrities, rich people and neutral fans who just want to be there because it's something to do. Arizona wasn't anything like that. Super Bowl XLII broke the record for "most fans of one team or the other" as well as "most fans wearing jerseys" and "most dead-even split of fans representing both franchises."

Really, Bill? Did you miss Super Bowl XL? I guess all those yellow towels just came with the seats in Detroit, eh?

Andy Mac said...

I'd like to know who gets the first Tiki Barber interview. That oughta be fun.

Unknown said...

I'd have to say Manning to Tyree ranks right up there with Bradshaw to Swann in Super Bowl X. (Note to BB: Tyree is 6-0. Sorry, couldn't help myself). I would also echo LL's comments on Eli. He out-Bradyed Tom Brady.

While I'm making up words, did anyone catch Emmit Smith on ESPN's postgame? I'm pretty sure i heard him say the Patriots' offense "debacled." wtf?

GMoney said...

Ben should be embarrassed of himself for that commercial.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Pros and Cons of this game.

Pros: Someone finally beat the Patriots!!! Thankyou!!!

Cons: It was bad enough that we get Boston v. New York force fed to us all summer during baseball season, but now it's intruding on football season as well. Hence, casual football fans actually saying that the Giants are the first team to win all their playoff games on the road, or Bill Simmons forgetting that 55,000 Steeler fans somehow got into Ford Field 2 years ago.

I thought Ben's commercial was humorous. Overall, not a great night for commercials though (but a great game, as it should be).

mai wen said...

I'll always give people props for having the guts to sing in front of other people, especially on TV.

Ben, you've got my props, if that means anything to you...

:) It made me chuckle.

Finally a good Super Bowl game! It's been a while (and yes, this coming from a Steelers fan who was totally stoked when we won, but can totally admit that game Had to be boring for non-Steelers and non-Seahawks fans).

Now the Steelers-Indy game during our run to the Super Bowl... that was a game to remember.