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Forget the Super Bowl...Where's Terrelle Going?


As you can tell, Terrelle Pryor and Co. was more than enthused after a recent visit from Pope Paterno. But in short, today's news is...that there is no news.

With the big day looming this week, Pryor still hasn't made up his mind on his college choice, leaving fans of Michigan, Oregon, Ohio State and Penn State wondering if they will be graced with the presence of The Next Vince Young. Curiously, West Virginia is no longer mentioned in the discussion. But I digress.

Wednesday's festivities, if they even happen, will be invitation-only. ESPN and CSTV will travel to Jeannette to cover the action live, as will numerous other news outlets. No word on whether or not J-Fed Authentics will be there, though.

So what do you think? Is he ticketed to run Rich's spread? Or will he be under the tutelage of a sweater-vest wearer? Time to put it to a vote!

All Eyes on Terrelle [PG]


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

The next Ron Powlus

GMoney said...

Would this asshole please make his fucking mind up already??? Does he really think he can treat programs like this?

Quit hanging out with Charlie Batch and make up your mind.

greg oh my hamstring hawthorne said...

i bet big state ucc or cal poly