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--The Pens end that nasty two-game losing streak with a 4-1 "W" over the Sabres. Ty Conklin stopped 36 of 37, Evgeni Malkin scored his career-high 34th goal, and Jarkko Ruutu added his first in the victory.
--Ryan Newman wins the Daytona 500, enabling lazy writers to use the "Hello Newman" headline.

--Anyone else getting tired of the "Pirates underachieved" storyline yet?
--Check out the all-new, one of my favorite blogs.
--The Duke Blue Devils get convincingly pwned by Wake Forest.
--Conference USA is investigating what happened after the Memphis-UAB game on Saturday night. You know, the old Cup/Water Bottle/Pompom shower.
--ESPN's John Buccigross re-drafted the NHL, and with the first pick, the LA Kings select....Sidney Crosby! And with the sixth pick, the New York Islanders select...Geno Malkin!
--The Sacramento Kings cheerleaders get caught misbehaving.
--You've probably seen this already, but here's the video of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick being "Punk'd" by teammate Brett Myers.

--Dwight Howard saves the Dunk Contest!


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