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Anyone Want Mark Cuban's Yearbook?

It's not too often that a piece of Mt. Lebanon High memorabilia comes up for sale, but we finally have one: the 1975 Mt. Lebanon Log yearbook, featuring future billionaire Mark Cuban.

This is the yearbook from Cubes' junior year, which would ultimately be his last at any high school. Cuban went on to become a Pitt Panther for one year before transferring to Indiana University's Bloomington campus.

Half of the proceeds from this auction will go to Cuban's Fallen Patriot Fund, which was established to help families of U.S. military personnel who were killed or seriously injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Fallen Patriot Fund will be matched dollar for dollar from the general funds of the Mark Cuban Foundation, up to $1 million.

I never knew that Cuban had any such involvement with anything related to the military. So while doing some background research for this story, I found out that amongst the Mavericks, the Pittsburgh ownership flirtations, The Benefactor, Dancing With the Stars, Blog Maverick, and HDNet, Cuban sparked quite a debate with his editing of the movie Redacted, which was based on the Mahmudiyah killings (the rape, murder, and burning of Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi, a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, in March 2006 by U.S. soldiers, who also killed her parents and younger sister):

During a New York Film Festival press conference for the film, De Palma mentioned that Redacted is itself redacted, due to Magnolia Pictures owner Mark Cuban "being disturbed" by the ending montage's imagery. A voice from the audience called out "That's not true"; with the speaker identifying himself as Eamonn Bowles, president of Magnolia Pictures. The producer of the film later appeared on stage to explain that the images were taken out not because they were disturbing, but because of concerns about the possibility that relatives of the dead persons appearing on the photographs might bring lawsuits for emotional distress and the like. Magnolia, he said, had been put in "an untenable legal position" making the movie uninsurable.

So Mark Cuban is now editing movies involving the conflict in Iraq. Amazing.

I must admit, it's easy for Cuban to come across as incredibly annoying, especially during his Pirate/Penguin-buying attempts. But you have to respect a guy that can have his hand in sports, entertainment, technology, media, and philanthropy and still make it work on some level. You may love him, you may hate him, but he's one example of a successful person born and raised in our city. For that, you should at least respect what he's accomplished in so many different fields.

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I've never had a problem with Mark Cuban and I don't know too many people that do.

I mean, he just seems like a guy who does what an average Joe would do if he got rich. He doesn't seem like a smug asshole, but a regular guy who struck it rich and is just living our dream.