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We Miss You, 87

I miss Sid. You miss Sid. The Penguins miss Sid. The NHL misses Sid. We all miss Sid. So tonight, to help pass the time until he returns, I'm posting a few random Sid links that have been found in the inbox.

--I think I mentioned this around the time the original deal was struck, but a reader reminded me that Sid, the model of health and proper nutrition, is a spokesman for Tim Horton's chain of coffee and donut shops. Sid also promotes the program where he started, Timbits Minor Hockey:

Sidney has a natural connection to Timbits Hockey through his participation back in 1993. At age 5, Sidney played for the Cole Harbour Timbits in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Standing at 3’ 11” Sidney wore jersey # 8 and played centre, clearly a sign of things to come.

Even as a 3'11" five-year-old in 1993, he would've been the best player on the Flyers.

--As a result of Sid's deal with Tim Horton's, he has been omitted from the highly-popular trading card set that McDonald's releases in Canada each year. The answer to this mystery was solved where else but a message board:

Crosby endorses Tim Hortons which is owned by the same company as Wendy's.That's why you don't see any crosby cards in McDonalds. Probably against his endorsement contract.

So there you go. No more sleepless nights wondering why McDonald's might have a grudge against Crosby.

--Here's a great pic of Sid pulling a Happy Gilmore and signing a woman's chest while in juniors. Is that Eva Mendes?

--From the eBays: did you know that one of those Crosby action figures is selling for $350? That's one valuable piece of vinyl.

And to close, some of the better Crosby videos floating around YouTube:

Sid's Top 10 Goals

Sid's RBK 360 ad

Sid's first fight, against former Penguin Andrew Ference

Sid's All-Star Pillow Fight Commercial, with Ovechkin, Staal, Thornton, etc.

Shirtless Sid's GQ Shoot

A dispute with former Flyer Peter Forsberg

The Winter Classic Shootout Goal


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said... had a big story about Sid on their homepage yesterday. You know, in that are on the screen that they reserve for big stories.

Kind of a fluff piece, but a good read nonetheless.

gjhead said...

In regard to Tim Horton's, Sid is everywhere for them. TV Ads, in-store promotions, etc. When I was visiting my in-laws for the holidays I picked up a nice Sidney Crosby 2008 wall calendar. He doesn't wear any Penguins gear in any of the photos though.

I just wish that Sid would use his influence and get a Tim Horton's opened up in Pittsburgh! Preferably across the street from where I work...

The Duke from Dukes Court said...
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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I love that pic of Sid signing the girl's chest, that is not something I would expect to see Sid doing.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I believe there were photos on this very site of Sid and the infamous GwenJen where she was wearing nothing but bodypaint.

And I keep hearing everyone that ever goes to Canada rave about Tim Hortons. What, may I ask, differentiates it from Dunkin Donuts?