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Another new feature for the new year: the Mondesi's House poll, which will be seen on the right sidebar. It's just a basic question that is the hot-button issue of the moment. Considering all that I've heard about the Steelers today is how they will stink in 2008, our first question: how many games will the '08 Steelers win? I know there's endless variables that will happen between now and then (to name a few: free agency losses and additions, the draft, training camp, injuries, opponents/schedule, division strength, etc), but it's your typical knee-jerk analysis that I love to witness.

--The Pitt Panthers, sans 40% of their starting lineup, evened up their Big East record to 1-1 with a 79-66 win over South Florida. Sam Young scored 22, Keith Benjamin added 20, and no Panthers were injured in the process.
--Terry Bradshaw is retiring from 2011.
--Very entertaining post from the Post-Gazette's Blog and Gold with reader thoughts on the Steelers, ranging from signing Jamal Lewis to not being sold on their 10-win, division champion rookie coach, and closing with two classic Steeler cliches from a PG reader in Florida: "The only guarantee's on this team should be the unwritten ones: 1. We will run the ball down your throat 2. We will stop the run and punish your quarterback"
--Side note: why is the city of Pittsburgh's "blue-collar work ethic" so synonymous with a bruising rushing attack? Is there another city defined by a style of offense? Is Indianapolis filled with white-collar folks who enjoy a well-crafted, precision aerial attack?
--The Duquesne Dukes now have an RPI of 41 and are ranked 26th in the Sagarin Rankings. They're 11-3 and 1-0 in the A-10. How do I know all of this? Dukes Court, my friend.
--On the topic of rebuilding, Neal Huntington says the Pirates can't pull the plug just because they lost 94 games last year. If they lost 95, then maybe they would blow it up. But 94? Why mess with a good thing?
--Tyler Hansbrough looks pretty scared to cover 7'7" Kenny George from UNC-Asheville in this pic.
--The Washington Redskins could be going to Hollywood for a coach.
--Not a good year for bowl game TV ratings. Unless you're talking about the Ice Bowl.
--Jim Tressel's motivational DVD worked, and THE Ohio State University shocked the world by blowing out LSU in the BCS Championship...if it were held on Bizarro World.

--Great news, WVU fans: Steve Slaton is staying! Wait, Steve Slaton still played for WVU? Did he suit up in the Backyard Brawl? Must've been a redshirt year.

--Joe Gibbs is out in Washington. Bill Cowher, I'd be waiting for your caller ID to display "D SNYDER" in about 10 seconds.

--Here's the final conference-by-conference bowl records for this season. Another impressive showing by the Big TenLeven. If you consider 3-5 impressive.

--Girls Gone Sports recaps the entire Steeler season in one neat and tidy post.

--Pitt got a football commit in that game where guys play "which hat am I going to pick". Here's the video.

--Jags D-lineman Paul Spicer says the Pats should be disqualified from the playoffs for Spygate, just like an NCAA penalty. While I disagree with Spicer, I think that they should at least lose a few scholarships.

--Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee play He Said-He Said. I'll tell you what I Said: I'm tired of stories about Roger Clemens, Brian McNamee, steroids, HGH, and The Mitchell Report.

--Breaking news: Hannah Montana is a fake. I'm just as shocked as you are. Reportedly, she's considering suing Brian McNamee too.
--Jessica Simpson = Yoko Ono. So I guess that means Tony Romo is the football equivalent of one of the greatest musicians of all time, no?
--Matt Capps talks to the Pirates about a long-term deal. The reasons why he would want to sign a long-term deal with the Pirates are still unclear.

--Where Are They Now? The Original Six American Gladiators edition.



HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Ohio State is the college football version of the Buffalo Bills, only the Buckeyes have a much higher payroll.

Anonymous said...

Zanzabar, i said the exact same thing today. Sure, they beat OSU a few yrs ago on a BS pass interference call, but any school who loses 2 FB and 1 BB title game in a span of 365 days is LOSER CENTRAL in my opinion.