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Jim Colony's Extra Point

As part of the sweeping changes in store for Mondesi's House this year, I'm happy to announce a new feature: Jim Colony's Extra Points. As you know, Jim is the drive-time sports announcer for ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh. And he's such a nice guy that he's agreed to share the transcripts of his Extra Point segments, which you can hear regularly on 1250. So whenever possible (or whenever Jim feels like sending them), we'll be able to share in the wisdom of a man that spars with Mark Madden on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Jim Colony's Extra Point

So still disappointed with how the Steelers' season ended? That may be just the beginning.

Actually, not the beginning...since the game at New England was the first of four losses in the last five games...or maybe go all the way back to Denver when the once-mighty defense caved at the end after big fourth quarter comeback...which happened again at the Jets, then twice against the Jags.

The defense may be better next season with Woodley starting, Aaron Smith back, Polamalu healthy - if he can stay healthy - and if James Farrior doesn't suddenly get old.
On offense, plenty of talent at the skill positions but the o-line is a mess. Faneca's gone, Mahan can't play, not sure about Colon or Marvel Smith's back...and help won't come cheap.
Worst of all may be the schedule. They play the strongest divisions in both conferences - the NFC East and the AFC South - plus the Chargers and Patriots. Mike Tomlin's second rodeo could be a rough ride, indeed.


Chris said...

Looking ahead at schedules means nothing. You can't base next season on that, it's been proven over and over.

Last season everyone thought BMore and the Bungles were going to be tough games and look how that turned out.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Hey guys!

Eli Manning throws for 185 yards, leans on his defense and running game, and some big 3rd down completions, and according to the talking heads he's a superstar now! He's arrived.

Of course, when Big Ben did this exact same thing consistently for the 1st two years of his career (not 1 game in his 4th), in route to winning 5 playoff games, minus all of Eli's interceptions....

...he was just a lousy game manager.

Ben just can't catch a break. The announcers are gonna make Eli Manning the best quarterback of that draft class yet I tell ya!

Oh yes, and according to some other guy on TV, the Steelers were a fraud.

Ummm... What we did was go 10-6 and make the playoffs with a rookie head coach, and fought tooth and nail and only lost by 2 despite being totally outmanned due to injuries.

What we didn't do was steal money from people... or whatever a fraud football team does.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Lou...

It's OK to root for the Giants. Every Steeler fan needs an NFC team, right?

Jim Colony, welcome to Mondesi's House.

Didn't you used to give the weather & traffic updates on WTAE?

Ohio State really bothers me.

Unknown said...

Hey Jim Colony, welcome to Mondesi's House! Did you know that I sent your name to Rome to nominate you for sainthood?

You have to be a saint to put up with Mark Madden's bullying every day!

Just know that all of us at Mondesi's House appreciate having you and look forward to reading your comments here often.