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Jim Colony's Extra Point

As part of the sweeping changes in store for Mondesi's House this year, I'm happy to announce a new feature: Jim Colony's Extra Points. As you know, Jim is the drive-time sports announcer for ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh. And he's such a nice guy that he's agreed to share the transcripts of his Extra Point segments, which you can hear regularly on 1250. So whenever possible (or whenever Jim feels like sending them), we'll be able to share in the wisdom of a man that spars with Mark Madden on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Back when Tim Benz and I worked together and were still friends, we started this running joke … even though it often wasn’t funny (especially for those involved). But every time a local player is lying on a field, a court, or ice … one us either says, or texts, “he’s done.”

So when Sidney Crosby slid into the boards feet-first Friday night and jammed or maybe even broke, something … I sent the requisite “Sid’s done” text. I was racing to send before I got his, but it turns out Tim was out of town so he didn’t see it … and it then turned out to be the dreaded high ankle sprain.

Ironically, I’m positive this entire “he’s done” thing started with one of Kendrell Bell’s many high ankle sprains (and look what it eventually did for him), even though Bill Cowher told us that subsequent high ankle sprains heal quicker than the first. That means, based on what we’ve seen from Max Talbot’s and Marc-Andre Fleury’s re-habs, and since this is Crosby’s first high ankle sprain, Sid is going to be out for a good while. Talbot actually came back too soon from his, got hurt again, and (even though he scored a couple of goals) he was out, in essence for 7 weeks. So, obviously, the Pens are “done.”

Actually, Lee Corso, not so fast. Even though (like their teammates) they never scored, both Evgeni Malkin and especially Jordan Staal picked up their play … a lot. In fact, let’s throw Kris Letang in there, too. All 3 are roughly the same age as Crosby so, normally, they have to defer to the best player on the planet. But after Sid went down, it looked to me like they really trusted their talent because they had to.

Hockey can be a weird game. While it’s tiresome to hear players talk about “not getting the bounces,” the more you watch the more you know it’s true. In that vein, I was impressed with the way the Penguins responded after Crosby was hurt. Malkin was magnificent and Staal showed flashes of what’s to come yet neither had anything to show for it … in that game. They did create chances centering their own lines so I can’t help but think there’s something there … and that was without Erik Christensen.

Even though neither Levance Fields nor Mike Cook is the nation’s best college basketball player (although combined they might be able to make a case), Pitt’s done okay since Fields and Cook were hurt … actually better than okay … thanks to Keith Benjamin who has taken full advantage of his increased playing time. As for what that has to do with the Penguins, Christensen has an underlying confidence that makes me think he might to be able to pull off a Benjamin of his own.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking that the Penguins will be okay, too … but I wouldn’t count them out yet.


Big M-Fer said...

Hey Colony
Your little text game with benz just proves what smug a-holes you both are. Benz is a poser and you are a loser. Stay out of Mondesi's house, you stink up the place.

Sassy Poker said...

Hey Wink, I'll take current events for 15 bucks!!