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Coming Soon: Weekend Posts

Most of you are conditioned to read the site five days a week, but starting tomorrow (Saturday), we'll be adding a few weekend posts from our team of writers. Be sure to check back as a few of our scribes make their Mondesi's House debut.
A few late afternoon links:
--JoePa's contract is up after the '08 season. What is Penn State to do?
--Who will fill the big shoes of Paul Rhoads? The PG gives a surprising list that includes Tom Bradley and Foge Fazio.
--Here's some long-awaited footage of the now-infamous Mike and Mike Roast.
--Eminem is binge-eating at Taco Bell and Outback and is up over 200 pounds. No longer can he use the name "Slim" Shady.
--Why does the Takkle Top 100 rank Terrelle Pryor 16th and not first?
--Pierogis N'at checks in with 5 Reasons to watch the NFL Playoffs this weekend.
--A previously-unknown stash of over 500 T-206 baseball cards, including "THE" Honus Wagner, has just been unleashed on the hobby.

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