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A. Smith Out for Season

There's a portion of you that would probably be excited about that headline if it were another player, but it was revealed today that it is actually Aaron Smith who is out for the season with torn biceps.
The injury was suffered during the Patriots game, which looking back on it turned out to be a crappier day than anyone could've ever imagined. A combo meal of Travis Kirschke, Nick Eason and Chris Hoke are expected to fill the now gaping hole at defensive end.
Combined with the nagging injuries to Santonio Holmes and Troy Polamalu, this could really continue the slide the Steelers have been on for the past month or so.
And to clear up any confusion, Anthony Smith, nursing a bruised ego, is not listed on the injury report.
Also, the Steelers promoted Steely, I mean Ryan, McBean from the practice squad.


Chris said...

man, this is not good news for us. Smith is so critical to our defense, even though he never gets any dap for it. I do like Hoke or Eason filling in, but neither will be able to replace what Smith did for us.

File this news under "Crap that Sucks."

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think Hoke would be the best replacement, but isn't he more of a tackle than an end?

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

I inadvertently used the same "Steely McBeam", "Ryan McBean" joke over at Sorry Mondesi...we must think alike.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Maybe we can get McBain from the Simpsons to play for us!!

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

McBain aka Reiner Wolfcastle is available now that the NFL Europa has been disbanded.

He has cleared waivers.


Anyone else thing losing Aaron Smith is a bigger loss than Troy?

Unknown said...

Just please don't let Eason fill in for him. Dude plays like he is on roller skates.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Troy looked like pure garbage in that Jets game. He missed a boatload of tackles on their game-tieing drive.

See, when Troy got hurt the first time this year, we still had Ryan Clark so (the now infamous) Tony Smith just filled in at SS.

But now, Clark's gone for the year, so we've got Smith at FS and Tyrone Carter filling in for Troy. Not as good.