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--A Big 10 official who reffed the OSU-Illinois game has a "history of bankruptcy, casino gambling, child abuse and allegations of sexual harassment.” He didn't work the Pitt-WVU game by chance, did he?
--Here's recon footage of Rich Rodriguez sneaking out of town to talk to Michigan. Many photos included.
--My two favorite Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger and Willie Parker, were both named to the Pro Bowl. They join first-timer James Harrison, Free Agent Faneca, and a bearded, long-haired fellow who occasionally plays safety.
--It looks like Bill Parcells is coming back to take over the Falcons. In totally unrelated news, look for the Falcons to sign Curtis Martin, Keyshawn Johnson, and Richie Anderson very soon.
--SURPRISE! Big Ben is ranked as the #5 QB in the NFL by ESPN. Finally, he's ahead of Carson Palmer, but he's still behind Tony Underwood-Simpson, who, to the best of my knowledge, has never won a playoff game.
--Here's another surprise: Men's Health has a feature on America's Drunkest Cities, and Pittsburgh ranks a lowly #52, with an embarrassing #88 in binge drinking. A drinking town with a football problem? Surely you jest.
--Pity Dick Groat for having to choose sides in the big Pitt-Duke game tomorrow.
--Britney Spears' 16-year-old sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears, is with child.
--This week's entry into the non-existent "Insane Steeler Fan of the Year" contest. That narrowly edges last week's entry, the Steeler fan who went into a rage after the Patriots loss.
--Update on my Pirates franchise in the Sporting News 1986 simulation: we're 15-21, a full 10 games behind Baba Booey's Mets. And our own Mike Diaz is leading the league with 38 RBI.
--Bill Simmons publishes his annual NBA Trade Value rankings. It's long.
--This just in: Tiger Woods is jacked.

--Peter Puck is coming back!

--Woody Paige takes his Hall of Fame ballot very seriously.

--Time to recap another week of NHL action. It's fannnnntastic!

--Who wants the Michael Vick Pit Bull football?

--Google ads, not really helping baseball with its performance enhancers problem.

--A Cleveland contractor finds $182,000 hidden in a wall. The generous homeowner refuses to give him any of it.



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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Mike Diaz leads your simulation in RBIs? Something is wrong with that simulation.


When I hear the name Dick Groat all I can think of is him clearing his throat on the air or complaining about the refs.


The Falcons also will be sure to sign Dave Meggett.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Mike Diaz is obviously juicing. And I'd keep that Sid Bream fella, he might come back to haunt your team if you don't.

No mention of Anthony "Joe Namath" Smith getting benched? Nothing wrong with making guarantees, unless you're worse in coverage than Mike Logan.

AJ said...

The Peter Puck story was the best news I've heard all day.

TheStarterBoyfriend said...

I'm glad Sanchez pointed it out. Hope we get a full run-down on Anthony Smith and his capability as a benchwarmer (he'd probably mis-judge the bench and wind up sitting in the Gatorade bucket, instead).

Sean said...

Congrats on being ahead of Dan Shanoff and Doug Glanville!

Anonymous said...

I still fail to see the attraction with the 1986 sim.