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Wild Things Take Frontier League Lead in Lame PR Stunts

See this? It's a ridiculous super-imposed picture of Barry Bonds in a Washington Wild Things uniform. And why is he in a Wild Things uniform, you ask? Other than the fact that the team is attempting a cheap PR stunt, I have no answer.

According to an official press release from the Washington (Pa) Independent Frontier League team, the Wild Things (possibly named after Rick Vaughn - I'm not 100% sure) have offered Barry Lamar Bonds a contract.

A move to the Wild Things’ organization would give Bonds the opportunity to return to the market where he started his Major League career. Bonds debuted with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986, playing seven seasons in Western Pennsylvania prior to signing a contract with the San Francisco Giants in 1993. “Many of the great one’s eventually return to where their careers began,” said Wild Things General Manager Ross Vecchio. “Babe Ruth began his career with the Red Sox and then finished with the Boston Braves; Willie Mays started with the New York Giants and finished his career with the Mets; and, of course, Hank Aaron began and finished his career in Milwaukee (Braves & Brewers). This contract gives Barry the opportunity to play once again in Western, PA as he continues his career.”

The Wild Things are a nice little story. They play in a quaint, well-maintained stadium next to a shopping mall about 1/2 hour outside of Pittsburgh. They have a fairly strong local following and an accomodating staff. As a matter of fact, they've developed quite a nice little niche in the Pittsburgh baseball market. As their press release points out, the Things have played to over 100% capacity each season, selling out 200 of 290 games since 2002. Frankly, there's no better place for an afternoon of Gander Mountain, Sbarro, and Frontier League baseball on a lazy summer day.

Which makes me wonder why this was necessary at all. Was it April Fools Day? Nope. Was it remotely possible that Bonds would sign? Well, maybe if they offered a contract to Rickey Henderson, but Bonds...I'd say it's doubtful. Was it really over-the-top funny, like some other minor league promotions so prominently featured on Deadspin? Not really. I guess I missed the joke on this one.

I have a better suggestion for some free Wild Thing publicity: how about publicly challenging the Pirates to an exhibition game?

Wild Things Offer Bonds an Opportunity to Return to Pittsburgh Market


Minor Enterprise [Deadspin]

By the way, I now get the joke. The Wild Things get publicity from outlets like blogs that haven't mentioned them before, and in the midst of Steeler, Penguin, and Panther season, no less. Well played, Ross Vecchio. That's one big move more than the Pirates have attempted this off-season.


Anonymous said...

More importantly, Barry gets a small slap in the face.

And not from Sid Bream this time.

P.S. Van Halen still rocks. Long live Diamond Dave!

Chris said...

I thought this was awesome. PR stunt to the max! And it worked like a charm.