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The News and Everyone Hopping on the BenWagon

--Email of the day, from an incoherent, rambling, misspelling Browns fan who apparently disliked my game wrapup:

If your so disatisfied with the Browns why don't you find a winner and root for them.In fact why not root for the previous years Super Bowl winner and you'll be with a winning team all the time. That way you can stay the hell off of my E-Mail andIcan let myself growwiththe team. No wonder Model moved the original Brown BBrowns out of town.

Well said, my division rival. I'd expect nothing less from a Clevelander.
--MSNBC's Rich Cimini mentions Ben in the MVP discussion. Careful, that bandwagon's starting to get crowded! Only a few seats left, media members!

--Wait, one more is hopping on the BenWagon! Do we have a seat for James C. Black of Yahoo Sports?

--Hold that Wagon! From reader Sean comes this:

The Washington Post's Mark Maske, who I think is fairly highly regarded for his football coverage, has a weekly Q&A. Here was his answer regarding the top QBs in the league:
Washington, D.C.: The last day or so I have been hearing about the top three quarterbacks in the league. The order has been 1. Brady 2. Manning 3. Roethlisberger or Romo. I am partial to Big Ben but that is through jaded eyes. Who are your best three quarterbacks now and the rationale?
Mark Maske: I would have to go Brady first, Manning second and Roethlisberger third. Favre and Romo are right there in the mix, too. Roethlisberger is having a great season. It's no disgrace to be the next-best guy behind Brady and Manning.

--The Pens lose yet again, dropping them to last place in the division. Hopefully Jordan Staal can improve on his "18 games, 1 goal, 1 assist" start to the season.
--I've wondered in the past if it's worse to be a Browns fan or a Pirates fans. Luckily, Bugs and Cranks went the extra mile and presented both sides of the argument.

What, no hoody?

--My 1986 Pirates squad is off to a rip-roarin' 2-4 start in the Sporting News Strat-O-Matic League. Last night, we got 6 1/3 strong innings from Walkie and took down the Phillies, 4-3. Barry went a disappointing 0-5.

--Your chance to scream at Gary Bettman!

--Did you know the whole "Bart Simpson prank calling Moe" bit? Turns out that it was based on a series of prank calls in the '70s.

--Here's the encyclopedia of all things NHL from the past seven days.

--Great news...gas might rise .20 a gallon in the next few weeks!

--I present another "which Presidential candiate is for you" 11-question quiz

--We just passed the 41-year mark on the anniversary of "Paul is Dead"

--It's the $25,000 dessert!

--Keep your eyes on the upper left hand corner...


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