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And We're Back...

A few random notes before tomorrow's SteelerStravaganza post....
--Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. I know the Penguins did. As Bob Errey said of the Pens that night, they gave Ottawa "some pumpkin pie in the face".

--The Penguinos followed up that emotional win with a 5-0 blowout of Atlanta on Saturday. Sadly, their brief winning streak has only bumped them to 17th in the latest ESPN Power Rankings, which as you know are used by the NHL to determine playoff seeds.

--Are you ready for some football? Yeah, I always love to watch an 0-10 team. Or based on last week's result, "a major threat to the Steelers".

Imagine where they'd be without Porter

--Other than myself and Dave Wannstedt, who else out there thinks Pitt's going to upset WVU?

--Breaking news: Redskins safety Sean Taylor is fighting for his life in Florida after being shot yesterday.

--Here's a juicy rumor: Bill Cowher will be the next coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Where does that leave offensive genius Brian Billick?

Cowher and Billick: as close as Belichick and Mangini

--Duquesne defeated Niagara (an NCAA tournament team last season) on Saturday afternoon to take their record to 5-0. How do I know this? Because they've been all over SportsCenter! That and the fact that Dukes Court has provided blanket coverage.

--All the NFL teams should send a thank-you note to Andy Reid and the Eagles for giving them the blueprint to almost taking down the Patriots.

--Are the Patriots going to play every Sunday night now? As a matter of fact, no. Next week, it's the Steelers and the Bingles. With plenty of Patriot talk, I'm sure. takes a few shots at SportsCenter. Note to you're a little late to that party.

--Remember that Pokey Reese Bobblehead ad for Bill Peduto from last week? A thoughtful reader wrote in with this follow-up: "That photo of the hot blonde is a better image for Peduto than this campaign photo from his speech with Balloonhead in the background."

--Have you heard about the Puerto Rican beauty pageant scandal? Investigators are trying to find out who doused a contestant's evening gowns with pepper spray and spiked her makeup, causing her to break out in hives.

--Linda Hogan was pretty cruel to the Hulkster. Who was she being counseled by, Bobby the Brain Heenan?


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Chris said...

cowher to the ravens???? That would be like jesus grabbing a taco with the the devil!

Or some other more creative way of saying "that would piss me off."

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Did anyone see the segment ESPN did on the Central/Gateway game? An awesome game to say the least, it was nice to see the kids get some national attention.

Adam said...


Thats right, this week, Adam is taking sides with the Pitt fans.

If theres one thing I'd like more than a Pitt loss, its watching those annoying, option running hicks lose their chance at a NC. They've played NO ONE and they definitely aren'tthe second best team in the coutry.

Go Pitt!!! Beat the Frauduneers!!!

Constant Gardener said...

Ricky Williams is playing in tonight's game. I'd pay Bill to say, "This is the Dolphins first trip to the Visine Red Zone. Be sure to visit Giant Eagle for savings on all Visine Red Zone Products."

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

College football is a joke. Like playing for a national championship even means anything.

bonilla disciple said...

keep fighting it, pitt fans, but your search for football relevancy ended with Marino and was a flash in the pan then at best. something like 47-14 i think. keep dreaming that getting pounded by WVU every year somehow gives you an edge over the lions because its a 'rivalry'