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Wrapping Things Up

--A Seahawks fan travelled to Pittsburgh to watch the SBXL rematch a few weeks ago. Did he survive? This is his story.
--Yeah, we're just going to pretend that Penguins game never happened last night.

--The Pens' 3rd period was so bad, it made Matt Ryan barf at the BC-Va Tech game.

--So who might be getting traded in the NFL's offseason? If I were Chad Johnson, Jason Taylor, or Derek Anderson, I might not put a down payment on that new house just yet.
--Did you know that Jonathan Papelbon once traded a signed baseball for naked pics of some guy's wife?
--Here's a great NBA Eastern Conference Preview, with each team's drug/alcohol equivalent.
--Speaking of the NBA, former Pitt Panther Mark "Pass the" Blount is on the move again.
--Remember, Tom Brady could've been your team's quarterback. But we didn't need one in 2000, with Kent Graham and Kordell holding down the fort.
--Quote of the day: 'This year, the University of Texas athletics department will for the first time spend more than $100 million." (scroll down their page a bit for the story)
--For $25, the Excused Absence Network will provide you with a fake (but authentic looking) excuse.
--From the "Headline Says It All" Department: Scores Strippers Uninvited to School Halloween Party
--A major Elvis memorabilia collection was destroyed in the California fires.
--Long Island soccer mom gets bad directions to the game, Long Island soccer mom hits her daughter’s soccer coach with a folding chair for giving her the directions.
The 12 germiest places in your life (You really have to read this)


Anonymous said...

Great post. Good links.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The Seattle story is pretty good.

Where's the 2nd part though?

And the guy who wrote it has it all wrong. We don't make fun of Seattle complaining about the refs because deep down we know we didn't win the game "outright".

We do it because, well... they lost and just inexplicably decided to blame the WHOOOOOOLE thing on the referees.... repeatedly...

It almost became comical.