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Sid Makes a Housecall

As you may or may not know, the Penguins have a simply unbelievable marketing team. And unlike the Pirates, they actually market the product, not fireworks, Smash Mouth concerts, or hot dog guns.

Having a market-savvy organization means doing things like the Penguins did yesterday, when they sent six players (Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Colby Armstrong, Maxime Talbot, Ryan Whitney and Marc-Andre Fleury) to hand-deliver season tickets to a total of 24 homes.

I received an email from Matthew Kozlowski, a regular Mondesi's House reader whose mother happened to be one of the lucky 24. He has graciously allowed me to reprint it, because I really wanted to capture the enthusiasm that this team has created. Steelers execs who enjoy year after year of sellouts and waiting lists, take note: this would be a nice gesture once in a while.
Joan Kozlowski, the Pens super fan, who had a visit from Sidney Crosby, is my mom. I'm "Matthew" that he was talking to on the phone. I'm not trying to extend our 15 minutes of fame at all, but I can't begin to express how big of a deal this was for her. With my parents divorced and my brother and I grown and moved away, the Pens are like her family in Pittsburgh. She lives and dies with them and has supported them all my life (I'm just turning 26 today).

When Sid called, I just thanked him so much for taking the time to brighten someones day like this and told him that he and the team were awesome and we're 100% behind them.

I think it's amazing the Pens do things like this for their fans. Their PR department and community relations staffs are amazing and thoughtful. Sidney and the other guys couldn't be better ambassadors for the NHL, the Penguins, or the city of Pittsburgh. The whole organization is a class act and deserves kudos for customer service. Maybe the Buccos could pick up a thing or two?

Just in case you missed it,
here are some of the clips. (video 2 is my mom)

Here's an
article from WPXI's website apparently written by a 4th grader. Not only did they spell our last name wrong, but also "Sydney" Crosby?? Come on!

Channel 4 coverage here

It's hilarious. I haven't stopped smiling about it all day. My mom was exhausted by the evening when the promos for the 10 and 11 o'clock news were coming on. Ha!


P.O. said...

hey the comments are back... DOWN GOES LITTLEFIELD!!!!!!!!

save the steagles said...

I am so jealous of your mom.

E Buzz said...

That's awesome.

A friend of my Dad is a loooong time Stiller season ticket holder.

He's getting up in years and has serious problem getting to those 500 level seats that they were given during the changeover.

Somehow, and I think the Diocese of Pittsburgh may have had a hand, he was able to get his seats exchanged for section 106.

SO the Stillers do help out, if you have the connections...

steelersgirlenator said...

To be fair, the hot dog gun is pretty hard core. Don't discount the attraction of hot dogs flying through the air.