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A bumper crop of links today, thanks to your overwhelming interest in the "BELIEVE" T-shirt contest...
--Looks like a nasty lawsuit is brewing for Hines Ward over the Locker Room bar.
--A Port Vue Steeler fan wins the coveted title of CBS Sportsline's "Super Fan"
--Here's the link to Marc Ecko's Barry Bonds Home Run Ball website. I'm guessing "shot into outer space" wins out.
--OJ's bail is set at $125,000
--If you've been waiting for a video of Daisuke Matsuzaka in a Teletubby outfit, today is your lucky day.
--The bottom three teams in ESPN's "Bottom 10" are all 2007 Penn State opponents
--ESPN's Steve Phillips had a pretty awful August
--In the mascot bracket, the Pirate Parrot takes on Washington's Screech
--Yeah, the state of Syracuse football is pretty pathetic these days
--Actor James Brolin wishes you a "Happy 9/11"
--A dead Venezuelan man wakes up during an autopsy
--Speaking of death, here's the story behind the phrase "graveyard shift"
--Here's a page full of "guy walks into a bar" jokes
--ESPN is covering a topless ping-pong tournament tonight?
--A person's entire life from birth to death could be recored on camera by 2057.
--From the always-fun "Headline says it all" department: Man in China dies after three-day Internet session
--A Florida student is tasered at a John Kerry speech


Adam said...

I'd type a long response to that pot-shot at PSU's schedule, but I don't need to argue with people that lose to Michigan St.

Good day.

Unknown said...

I actually really enjoyed the Michigan St. game down to the last few minutes. The defense played really well for most of the game and McCoy looked incredible. Had it not been for a freshman QB making a lot of bad decisions, and looking very shaky that would have been a win. But I guess I shouldn't argue with people that are smug after beating Buffalo.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

So, do you think that the accusations against Hines are real or what?

And if they are valid, how far do you think the local media can sweep this one under the rug?

Anonymous said...

On the Bonds ball...

I have a buddy who works for the interactive group who built the Ecko site to host the voting and he says that "Shoot the Moon" will be the runaway winner when voting closes on Monday.

I love the fact that Barry hates this so much!