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--ESPN says that Pitt AD Jeff Long is headed for Arkansas. If you've ever heard any stories about Arkansas' athletic department, you know what kind of headaches he's in for.

--Tom Barrasso joins the Carolina director of goaltender development.

--Howard Stern led off his Monday show by talking about Joe Paterno. I never knew that Howard's future brother-in-law was a Nittany Lion football player.
--Speaking of JoePa, he and his wife haven't seen a movie at a theater since "Titanic", and they just discovered a TV show called "MASH".

--Brady Quinn leads the Browns into the Post-Preseason

--If the Patriots are so awesome, why must they cheat?

--Michigan QB Chad Henne is ruled out of the big Wolverines-Notre Dame game. What's Michigan to do? He's been such a crucial part of their early season success.

--Anyone feel like reading an article about Russ Grimm?

--Look, it's the 2007 Big Ben action figure!

--Some Bill Cowher broadcasting highlights, courtesy of :

Dan Marino on wearing a spit-shield while sitting next to Bill Cowher during their show -
"It was a gift from Ben Roethlisberger!"

Bill Cowher, during the same CBS pre-game show -
"There’s no doubt that Roethlisberger is going to have more leeway [under coach Mike Tomlin]."

Boomer Esiason, sitting next to the former Steelers coach, responds to Cowher's comment -
"It must be good for Ben Roethlisberger to actually have a coach that will trust him.''

--There's way too many Pirate hat appearances in this Chris Brown video. And by Chris Brown, I mean the rapper and not the Titans 175-yard rusher.

--More fallout from the MTV VMAs, including expanded coverage of the Britney disaster, video of Kid Rock and Tommy Lee's fight, and an angry Kanye West.

--Loyal reader Dave shares with us two rarities from his collection: a Pirate helmet signed by the one and only Raul Mondesi, and a Pirates program signed by Dave Littlefield AND Bob Nutting, surely a collector's item now.

--Here's the photo of the weekend in college football:

--Wondering how Shaq got to the Va Tech-LSU game, also known as Tragedy Bowl I? Wonder no more...


Anonymous said...

That guy in the Rutgers pic looks like Tom Green. Yes, the "my bum is on the rail" guy.

Rutgers = Slutgers.

Do you think that Alan Faneca is watching the Cardinals game tonight with his pants around his ankles?

"Oooh. There's Coach Wiz. He's my friend. And there's Coach Grimm. He's a good bean. I need a haircut."

P.O. said...

shaq might possibly be the coolest person in the world not named joey porter

P.O. said...
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