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The News: Addendum

--Terrelle Pryor is's #1-ranked high school player in the country. He's destined to be the next great Western PA quarterback, joining Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and Bruce Gradkowski.
--DJ Gallo gives us 27 Things I May Remember Considering Thinking I Thought about week one. Anyone who reads Peter King would get a kick out of this.
My favorite:
12. Someone who did learn from the Michael Vick fiasco: Nike execs. Burned by making Vick the face of its NFL marketing push, the company needed to distance itself from shady dealings and align with a more positive role model. Enter Shawne Merriman. Steroid use is definitely not as bad as dogfighting. Great move.
I kid you not, I was watching the game on Sunday, saw that commercial, and had the same thought. In baseball, Rick Ankiel is ready to be tarred and feathered for using performance enhancing drugs. In football, you get endorsements.
--Here's some photo evidence of the Pats cheating on Sunday. As the writer points out, Belichick is just getting sloppy.
--Tiki Barber gets a middle finger from a blogger
--In other middle finger news, Terrell Owens denies giving it to the Giants' Gibril Wilson on Sunday night.

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