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The News - Addendum

Just had a great joke sent to me:

"What kind of battery does it take to shock a Michigan Wolverine?"

"1 AA"
--Larry Johnson allgedly drops 24 n-bombs in a rap song - and he's denying it.

--Peter King says Belichick got off easy. For once, I agree with him.
--SI's Dr. Z. outlines the Pats cheating throughout NFL history:
Marinelli was the defensive line coach in Tampa Bay when the Bucs beat the Patriots in the 2000 regular season opener and did a good job controlling New England's offense. After the game the Patriots' offensive coach, Charlie Weis, was overheard congratulating the Bucs' defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin.

"We knew all your calls, and you still stopped us," Weis said. "I can't believe it."

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