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Bullet Point Thursday

  • Great story from the PG today, where Tim McNulty recaps a Steeler fan's worst nightmare: losing their tickets, and the subsequent dumpster-diving that ensued.
  • I'm glad to see the ump in the Milton Bradley fracas getting suspended for the season. OK, Bradley's a jerk. That's been proven about 1,800 times. But that doesn't give any umpire the right to bait a player. Well done, MLB.
  • Who's a bigger disappointment at QB this year: Marc Bulger or Drew Brees?
  • Speaking of QBs, I'm glad Rex Grossman was finally shown the bench. Not because I have any rooting interest in the Bears, but because it's become such a played-out storyline. Now enjoy Brian Griese.
  • Hey, Randy Moss is a leader again, just like when he played on the 15-1 Vikings! Apparently "leader" is a title that only applies in certain situations.
  • Anyone else catch Howard Stern's interview of Jerry Rice on Wednesday? Very entertaining, and a side of Rice rarely seen in public.
  • Does our region get every single NFC East game on TV? I know more about the Giants, Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys than I do about the Ravens, Bengals or Browns. And why has NBC given us Cowboy games on two of the first three Sunday nights?
  • With New Orleans' season basically over and Atlanta's season over before it started, I'm thinking Tampa Bay in the NFC South. That Jeff Garcia, he just continues to not go away.
  • The more I watch Vince Young, the more I'm amazed. Mechanically, he's still got a long way to go (as Pro Football Talk's "Uncle Rico" comparisons would illustrate). He has no receivers anyone's ever heard of, other than the way-past-his-prime Eric Moulds. And he has no feature back. But he just keeps winning. I can't explain it. I'm glad that team's out of our division.
  • It's been over-documented that the Patriots are blowing everyone out. They've scored 114 and allowed 35 (+79). But guess who's just 8 points off at +71? That's right, Coach Perfect and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The next closest drops all the way down to Dallas at +51, then Indy at +39. If you're wondering, the worst is New Orleans (-65).
  • Hey, weren't you a Lions/Browns bandwagoneer last week? I couldn't tell. Take that bag off of your head.
  • Raise your hand if you were surprised Michael Vick failed a drug test. I see no hands!
  • I'm not shocked to see Fast Willie leading the league in rushing, but #2 and 3 (Lamont Jordan and Jamal Lewis), simply unreal.
  • Is Lewis the oldest 28-year-old on the planet? The way people talk about him, you'd think he was 48.
  • Does legal analyst Roger Cossack get the most face time on ESPN these days? Shouldn't they just let him anchor SportsCenter at this point?
  • Finally, don't forget to send in your entries for the Good For Nutting T-Shirt contest, which runs through next Wednesday.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Does the girl come with the Good for Nutting t-shirt?

Unknown said...

alas dirty, she does not quite stand up to snorg tees girl on deadspin

Chris said...

Hey, Uncle Rico has a cannon of an arm!

Dirty Sanchez said...

True Brad, but a cute chick that's sporting a "Good For Nutting" shirt is cool with me on several levels.

A Buccos game and some post game activities. We Will!

CapitolMAN said...

If I get a 'Good For Nutting' tee shirt, whatever will I do with my Irate Fan shirt?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

With Vince Young at the helm, the Titans will definitely take state this year!

But seriously, I think Jeff Fisher gets some credit for keeping that franchise above water too. He's kind of an understated Bill Cowher.

And even people here in Tampa wrote the Bucs off before the season started. Never underestimate the power of a terrible division people!

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Why do we always get Cowboys games? I think more people nationally have an opinion, one way or the other, about the Cowboys, than any other team. They are called America's team for a reason, tons of people love them regardless of where they live, and tons of people hate them for simply being the Cowboys.


I think we get Eagles games for regional reasons if the Browns or Bengels aren't on.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Mondesi has enacted the dreaded "Operation Shutdown."

Unknown said...

hi tops, the man station, and now mondesi? how many shut-downs can pittsburgh handle?

CapitolMAN said...

Speaking of disappearances, anyone seen that terrific blocking fullback who used to play for the Steelers? Dan Krieder, anyone?