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Think Your Team's Better Than the Steelers? Prove it!

In the coming weeks, I have several ideas in the works to get more of your thoughts integrated onto the site. I get so many great, lengthy emails and read so many in-depths comments, I think it's an idea whose time has come.
The first of these such opportunities will be an ongoing project throughout the NFL preseason. I'm looking for one person for each NFL team to write an essay, entitled "Why (Your Team Here) Will Be Better Than the Steelers in 2007".
Are you a Raven, Brown or Bengal fan that wishes Steeler Nation would shut up already? Or perhaps you follow Steeler non-division foes like Jacksonville or New England. Whatever your motives are, now is your chance to speak up.
So if you're tired of my articles patting Big Ben on the back, step up to the plate. I'm looking for fellow bloggers, fans, writers, and readers to give me some hard evidence of their superiority in 2007. And I'd hope you'd do a good job, because you'll be representing your team.
Here are the rules: one writer per team, as many or as few words as you need, try to keep it clean, and try to have a point. Tell us why your team will be better than ours this season. Maybe you don't think your team is better than the Steelers? Then tell us that, too.
If you're interested, let me know who you'd like to claim at For those who plan on claiming the Bengals and writing "Steelers Rule, Bengals Suck", that's just not going to get it done. I'll re-open it to the masses. I'm looking for true fans. As soon as we confirm you're writing for a certain team, I'll publish it as soon as possible. And one more thing...if you run a blog, I will certainly provide you with several reciprocal links for your services.
Here are the remaining available teams as of Sunday, August 5th:
San Diego
NY Giants
Green Bay


TheStarterWife said...

This is a really good idea. I cannot wait to see what people submit.

(If anything, just so I have material for the dartboard.)

Anonymous said...

Two words:


Scott Mitchell, Herman Moore, and Bret Perriman will be unstoppable.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Now Mondesi is inviting the trolls to write for his blog.

A blog about a team willfully being borrowed by fans of opposing teams.

Mondesi, you are truely an innovator my friend.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Since I know nobody else will do it, can I write about Tampa Bay?

Please please pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

I mean, I really don't think they're better than the Steelers, but if you can't get an actual fan of the team... why not at least get someone that lives there?

Shaun said...

I forwarded this info to the football guy at our site so he should be contacting you to take care of the Colts....hopefully

Talkin_Proud said...

I believe the 2007 Bills have a lot going for them. Western PA has generously provided the Bills with one of their many fine linebackers (and as a fellow Polack, I'm simply tickled). Willis McGahee is gone. JP Losman's wacky interviews never dissapoint. And lastly, tickets are always affordable if you're into that sort of thing.

You can clearly see now that the Bills are friggen sweet, right? I know you're excited and I'd gladly welcome you aboard the bandwagon and teach you the words to the "Shout!" song but sadly, I have to advise you temper that lusty enthusiasm because of this uncontrollable force:


I pee my pants a little every time I think about him. He is why the Steelers will be better than the Bills in 2007.

AJ said...

What happened to the "why my team is better than the Pirates" contest?

Is that too easy, or doesn't your site have enough bandwith to host all of the reasons?

Sky Davis said...

THE Miami Dolphins.

I'm not gonna say the Dolphins are better than the Steelers, but I'm not gonna say the Steelers are better than the Dolphins. I think they are both in the same boat though. They both have their divisions already locked up (Ravens, Patriots). Miami has a better defense, Pittsburgh has a better offense..that is, until ronnie brown gets going.
It is the steroid-infested steelers who stole the 70's from the fins though. Miami went to 3 straight superbowls and went undefeated until the steelers cheated them away..
oh well, whatever, joey porter is sweet.

Unknown said...

Or half your team jumped ship for the usfl but hey w/e you want to believe

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Yeah, like no 'fins were on 'roids in the 70s. Don't be mad because we had the better stash.

And no one has any division locked up yet.

Seriously, a year ago nobody thought B-more was gonna win our division last year. The NFL is too quirky to call these things before the season starts.

And even with Ronnie Brown, your offense blows.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

And wait, is Tampa Bay mine? Do I seriously get to do that?

Anonymous said...

Not following this, Mondesi...

mondesishouse said...

Update on teams taken:













Everyone else is fair game! Where are you, Baltimore and Cincy?

Unknown said...

I WANT Seattle. StarterWife will attest, this is right in my wheelhouse.