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Raul's Off Week: Day One

I will be posting a team preview at a later point today, but first I wanted to post some of the stuff that you had emailed us. Art sends us this article on a 70's style Terrible Truck.

Kyle from sends us this very detailed breakdown of the Steelers offensive line performance from Saturday's game against Green Bay.

Speaking of the Saturday night, did you ever wonder what this town's kicker does after a game where his lone extra point attempt is blocked? Well, I've never wondered that either, but Doubt About It ran into Skippy and several of his friends and had the rare professional athlete/fan encounter that was pleasant.

Art emailed to remind us that the Pirates signed a guy who knows a thing or two about blowing an arm out. Nothing like having a veteran reconstructed arm to teach his ways to the teams younger reconstructed arms.

Koz sends in an article that is an interesting theory regarding the recent HR record set by Bonds. Not sure if I buy any of it, but I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Derek Kinder tore his ACL and will be lost for the season for Pitt. Derek is a great player and will be missed this season. Pitt's young talent at the wide receiver position really has to step up now.


Jay said...

Can Reed go an entire season without pictures of him at the bar surfacing?

Adam said...

Really sorry about Kinder Pitt fans. You can hate a school with all your guts, but you never want to see a guy go down like that.

Sincerely, I wish him all the best.

The Hebrew Hammer said...
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