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Raul's Abduction: Day Two

Joe Sports Fan takes Salsbury NFL '08 for a test drive and writes about some of the games finer details.

AJ sends us this link of an interesting cemetary plot that conjures up memories of Kordell Stewart.

If you get a free second make sure you stop by The Nation of Islam Sportblog. Thanks to David for this link.

Big Ben News sends us this story from the USA Today that knocks down Big Ben's hetero status a few notches.
Centers of Attention: "Chukky Okobi and free agent signee Sean Mahan are candidates for the Pittsburgh Steelers' starting center position. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger isn't taking sides, or backsides: 'They have different styles, if you will. Their butts feel different, but you know what, they both do a great job, and I don't have a favorite, one or the other.' "

Bryan Adams is dead at 43 years of age. But don't worry folks, it's not the one that sang "Summer of '69" that every bar in America plays ad nauseum. Former pro wrestler Bryan Adams that went by the stage name 'Crush'.

Art sends us a sad story about this years Walpole, Mass. Little League team that recently advanced to Willaimsport.


ZEKE said...

what is the deal with all you bloggers linking to NOIS lately????

dave said...

in the game's Franchise mode, do images of Salisbury's steak show up when you open up emails on your virtual pda?