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Mondesi's Holdout: Day Three

Winston sends us this awesome picture of his cat taking a Davenport all over the Browns. You can tell football season is near when pictures like this start trickling in.

Sean sends us this link of Jose Offerman going nuts in a minor league game.

Pat Bostick returned to Pitt camp yesterday. Wannstedt didn't rule out him playing this year which can only mean he isn't enamored with Bill Stull thus far. Wannstedt, however, is enamored with his own moustache.

The Pirates lost to the Mets last night 5-4. People in this town are paying less and less attention to the Buccos and rightfully so. I caught bits and pieces of the game and couldn't help but notice how far Jason Bay has fallen. I'm sure some of you will disagree, but his approach at the plate hasn't changed since he got here, and that's why his numbers are down. He looks like he is guessing most of the time and he never shortens his swing to protect the plate with two strikes. Opposing pitchers know this and that's why he's hacking at so many hard sliders with two strikes. Blaming the hitting coach is the easiest things to do, but one has to wonder what goes on with these players and Jeff Manto since most of the players are well below their career averages.

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vinnie said...

Hmmm, a pussy taking a dump and the Browns...

Oh I get it, Brady Quinn, right?