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--Here's the Top 10 College Football Rivalries, not including Penn State-Temple or Pitt-Grambling State.
--CBS Sportsline grades the Pens and the entire Atlantic Division for their offseasons. Needless to say, Ray Shero has a good report card.
--Seahawks fans are still not over Super Bowl XL.
--PacMan Jones is making his TNA Wrestling debut on Thursday. Can't wait for the inevitable YouTube clip on Friday.
--This documentary about the setting the Guinness Record for Donkey Kong looks like potentially the greatest movie ever.

--Len Pasquarelli says finding the QB of the future requires a little luck.
--Police in Thailand who break rules will be forced to wear Hello Kitty gear.
--Why did this card manufacturer waste a Dan Marino autograph on the same card as Greg Lee?

--Looks like Chris McAlister bought Optimus Prime


tecmo said...

The WillieParker39 comments on that Seahawks bullshit was awesome

Free Pacman said...

Sometimes at night, if you listen carefully, you can still hear Mike Holmgren bitching.

Adam said...

To be fair, if we had lost that super bowl, you can bet yinzr nation would have been 10 times as bad.

Adam said...

by the way, since the Big 10's possible expansion seems to get some intrest around here, check this out:

It lists Pitt as second most likely to join the Big 10 behind rutgers. solid read.

Sean said...

As long as Chris McAlister has that car/truck/SUV, he can never be a Pittsburgh Steeler. I don't think the vehicle would fit through the Fort Pitt or Squirrel Hill tunnels.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wasn't Plaxico infamous for driving something roughly the size of 3 Hummers wrapped in an aircraft carrier to camp every year?

And Adam, I always find it funny when someone from Pittsburgh degrades the average Steeler fan as just a dumb "yinzer"... when we're all pretty much yinzers to some degree or another.

Deny it and you're lieing.

vinnie said...

Adam, you may be too young to remember, but the Steelers did lose a Super Bowl, and did Steelers Nation blame the officials? No, we blamed Neil O'Donnell and then rode him out of town on a rail like any rational fan base would do.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Very true Vinnie.

Sure maybe Neil wasn't really paid by Jerry Jones to throw those picks.

But at least when we needed a scapegoat, we looked within the team and not to some mythical referee conspiracy bullshit.

tecmo said...

Vinnie couldn't be more correct.

And I think Plax had a Ford F750. Because you really need that.

tecmo said...

By comparison, Cris's truck is an F650. Plax's might have been the same, can't really remember. Either way, its really big and unneccesary

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

maybe he is compensating for something

vinnie said...

It's a sad day in Steeler Nation. Steely McBeam indeed.

Russell Lucas said...

Actually, I am still kind of pissed that the refs didn't call a pick on Jay Novacek in Super Bowl XXX.

Free Pacman said...

Steely McBeam? What, did they let Dave Littlefield make the decision on the name?