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--Here's a controversial list of the 32 greatest Steelers ever. Did Duce Staley make the cut?
--The Pirates swept a doubleheader from Cincy last night, led by Steady Freddy's grand salomi. Don't look now, but they're now just 8.5 games out. See, we all questioned those Littlefield trades, when clearly he was building for a playoff run.
--The PG released their comprehensive 2007 high school football guide. Or as it's known locally, "The Year of the Pryor".

--Are you a WPIAL football fan? If so, you need to check in with Rizzo Sports.
--Who's the face of the Pirates? The answers range from Lanny Frattare to PNC Park. Ugh.
--Steelers rank 8th on ESPN Hashmarks' final preseason Power Rankings.
--Deadspin scores an in-person recap from a car riding alongside Lance Briggs

--Mondesi reader Zach nicely shares his on-field Steeler pics from the Sunday preseason game.


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