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Heinz Bathroom Fiasco Firsthand Report

Mondesi's House reader Elliot gives us an in-person recap of the broken restroom fiasco at Heinz Field last night. Pinching your cheeks always equals a good time.

"I was at the game last night. Do to large amounts of drinking the night before and before the game my stomach was a wreck. During the 3rd quarter I attempted to go the bathrooms on the first level only to find that the doors were locked. I was told that bathrooms on other levels were working. I ran up stairs as fast as I could with my cheeks pinched together. The doors were unlocked, however when I entered the restroom there were Heinz field staffers blocking the stalls, only the urinals could be used. Since my emergency could only be cured by entrance to the stalls, I argued my case to the attendant who allowed me, when no one was looking to crawl under the stall door, which had been locked. Once in there, it wasn't too bad. The toilet was constantly flushing which is a million times better than overflowing. Thanks to that attendant for saving me a large amount of grief and humiliation."