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--Sidney Crosby to make $2.2 million per year of life lived. And that's still a bargain.
--The AL edged the NL 5-4 in the All Star Game last night, Freddy Sanchez was 0-for-1 in relief of David Wright, and everybody loves Barry Bonds now.
--How did I miss this? Pittsburgh just hosted the largest furry convention in the free world, and it happened to be at the same hotel that the Brewers stayed at while in town.

Yes, that is Mr. Belvedere's employer, as a matter of fact

--Here's a World Series of Poker celebrity Update, for all of you interested in how Tobey Maguire, Jose Canseco and Brad Garrett are faring.

--Did Dave Littlefield really turn down a trade offer of Alexis Rios for Paul Maholm? At this point, does that really surprise you?

--You have to check out this story about fleas that took over a Seattle home, forcing out the family that lived there.

--Is ESPN trying to kill the NHL? Keep trying, it's not going to die in Pittsburgh.

--Lord Stanley recently shared a day with ex-Penguin Sebastien Caron.

--How are the top MLB free agents of the upcoming offseason faring? If you're an Andruw Jones fan, you might want to pass on this article. ranks the top athletes by number. Given's recent track record with lists, I'm sure countless Pittsburghers will get bent out of shape with something on here.

--An 11-year-old girl got charged with a DUI in Alabama. Five NFL teams have since contacted her about a tryout.

--Mr. Burns has taken over Jet Blue. And Simpsons Movie tie-ins have officially gone to heights previously unknown to mankind.

--For those of you losing sleep over what Kevin Polcovich, Turner Ward, and Lou Collier are up to, I point you to the PG's Where Are They Now piece on the 1997 Pirates...the only 79-83 team to be profiled 10 years later in sports history.

--Mike Greenberg, radio star, TV star, face of the Arena League broadcasting team, Spelling Bee guru and opening night Monday Night Football looking for donations to keep his website up and running.

--Janet Jackson, looking sexier than ever.

--Dracula's castle is up for sale. And Sidney Crosby is not interested in using part of his $43.5 million to buy it as a summer home.

--This guy archives nearly every Incredible Hulk toy, and I do believe that some of his writeups would be right up your alley:

"It's the Incredible Hulk Ball Blaster!! He uses it to.....okay it's just too easy, I can't do it. Made by Gordy International in 1979."

--For the collector who has everything: Pittsburgh Passion football cards, rising in value with each round they advance in the playoffs.

(Thanks to Dave B. for the images. And since these cards are in his collection, I guess you could therefore say that he has everything.)

--We'll close with an "ESPN taking cheapshots at the Pirates" email from Paul O.:

I proceeded to read the "78 Things to Love about the All-Star Game" and saw the following lines that would be interesting to any Bucco fan....

2. It's the only time one can positively verify that the Royals and Pirates still exist.

11. We hold out hope that they'll run highlights of Dave Parker's throws to third and home in 1979. (they neglect to speculate how much nicotine/cocaine was in his system at the time...)

34. To see whether Jim Leyland tops the over/under of 25½ cigarettes

57. To dispel the rumor that Jerome Bettis is in fact from San Francisco, not Detroit. (WHAT?? I am confused...)

And in a seperate piece they take TWO shots at the Bucs.....

The second annual MLB No-Stars:

SS Julio Lugo, Red Sox (.197/.270/.298)

Already owners of the best record in baseball, it's scary to think where the Red Sox would be if they hadn't spent a big chunk of the season trotting out a leadoff hitter who's batting average is below the Mendoza Line. Lugo's 31, healthy, drawing walks and still showing at least a little pop, so it's hard to imagine his struggling this badly for much longer. Still, his four-year, $36 million contract is looking Pat Meares-esque on the scale of busts right now. Sometimes the best way to approach big-ticket free agents is to ignore them and find another way.

Nice to see that we can supply ESPN with nice analogies to describe a player's worthlessness.


Free Pacman said...

Littlefield would only make the Paul Maholm trade if the Blue Jays offered Armando Rios.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Littledeal has always overvalued his own players, especially pitching. If offered David Wright for Zach Duke, he would ask for Jose Reyes to be throw in or hem and haw for 6 months until the deal died.

Justin said...

My brow is still furrowed in response to that Bettis line. I'm so confused.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The article about ESPN trying to kill the NHL was brilliant!!!

I've been saying the same thing for four years. If any of you haven't read it, do it now!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Glad to see ESPN is using its same allegiance to cliches on the website as on the network. Wow, a Leyland cigarette joke, how original. How I long for the days of Kilborn, Olberman, and Steiner (in a hetero way, of course).

Anonymous said...

The only thing (person) I hate more than ESPN is Mike Greenberg. The fact that he is on ESPN2 every morning makes me want to throw my TV out the window.

That's way I'm now an old man and I watch the dam TODAY Show.

I forgot....I hate Stuart Scott more than Mike Greenberg.

As for Janet Jackson, I lost all interest in her when her boobs sagged all way to her knees. (Reference: Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show.)

AJ said...

Did anybody else look at the SI top athletes by number list?

Was anybody else as confused as I was by the photo for #61??

C'mon SI, you're better than that.

vinnie said...